32 Celebs Without Makeup


Putting on makeup is an art form; personally I love playing around with it— all the colors and tricks you can do to your face! My makeup skills are pretty damn good, and it only gets better when I have time on my hands. I’m actually convinced that all of my past flames got mildly startled when they first woke up beside me without my makeup on (I’m sorry for my bare face in the morning). And I’m also sorry for sleeping with my mouth open while drool is leaking out from the side.

If you’re a frequent YouTube watcher then you’ll notice the sudden boom in beauty channels; some of the products that they use may hurt your pocket (beauty is pain isn’t it?), but if you’re like me then you can always search for “dupes” (same shades and finishes but from a different and more affordable manufacturer) and get by on a budget.

As women, we are all beautiful, but even more so when our best features are enhanced with makeup… and then there are the celebrities. Go on Instagram and I’m sure you’re following a few stars who have selfies of themselves while being made up. I won’t name any names, but there are plenty of uhm, less attractive celebrities who turn into gorgeous creations of God because of the magic of a makeup artist’s brush. Maybe it’s time I look into beauty schools, because damn, makeup artists are making bank nowadays! Here are 32 celebs who look really different without makeup on than what we’re used to.

#32 – Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman has a knack for playing strong characters, and part of that can be attributed to her masculine facial features and otherwise harsh appearance. With makeup on miss Thurman can doll herself up for a Hollywood production as well as any other starlet, but when the makeup comes off there is no denying the wear and tear she has seen over the years: acting can take a serious toll on your face since performing hundreds of takes with expressive faces will result in noticeable age lines.

Despite all of the faults and blemishes that Thurman has acquired she actually prefers to travel without the makeup: she believes that it sets a better precedent for what should be expected of her in her non professional life. Uma has a history of dating some rougher looking partners, having shacked up with Robert De Niro, Gary Oldman, Mick Jagger, and now Quentin Tarantino, it certainly makes sense why she isn’t a fan of getting all dressed up; what’s the point of looking your best when your boyfriend doesn’t pay much mind?

#31 – Katy Perry

She may have kissed a girl and liked it, but she sure as hell had some lipstick on when she did! Katy Perry looks unrecognizable in this pictured snapped by ex-husband Russell Brand. The usually colorful pop star looks so monochromatic— at least in the photo. Not gonna lie: she seems to have great skin, but in this photo her almost grayish tone makes her look like an alien (which ironically enough is one of her hit songs).

I adore Katy’s beautiful blue eyes and mile long eyelashes: she should constantly play up those features. It’s also amazing how Perry can pull off wearing candy colored makeup without looking like a clown— now that’s something. Another thing to point out is Katy’s hair color, as she often dyes it in fun shades like pink, purple, or blue. Whatever she’s doing to make the colors of the rainbow work together, let’s hope that she keeps it up. Katy is the queen of colors at this point.

#30 – Faith Hill

Country music is ironically one of the most disliked genres of music in America Culture, but for those who call themselves fans one thing can usually be agreed upon: Country music wouldn’t be what it is today without the works of Faith Hill. Hill married the country legend Tim McGraw in 1996, and it wasn’t long before the two started performing together; having a spouse in the same industry as you certainly makes it a bit easier to make travel plans around the world, and the duets give them a reason to not be away from one another during tours.

Without her makeup on it’s hard to so much as recognize Faith Hill, a tactic she often utilizes to travel without being stopped. Even though Hill has mastered the art of travelling anonymously some paparazzi have a sixth sense for spotting celebs, and it wasn’t long before Hill’s candid shots started circulating the web. Faith knows that her makeup-less photos aren’t flattering, but she really only has one person she cares about impressing: her husband.

#29 – Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried got her big break in the movie “Mean Girls.” Seyfried was the stereotypical dumb blonde of the movie, but let’s admit it: she looked damn good! I mean, look at that beautiful pale skin! It glows! I have to endlessly pinch my cheeks (or use my trusty cheek tint) before I can get them to glow like that (perhaps it’s artificial like Amanda’s). There is almost something eerie about hos good she looks: it’s like something out of the “Twilight Zone.”

Amanda has an amazing bone structure and it’s best if she makes it stand out with a bit of blush or cheek tint. Also, a bit of red lipstick adds some awesome contrast to her beautiful face. Amanda’s face is a good example of someone who can pull off a pale complexion without looking sickly or bland. Her face is practically a dream canvass to put some wonderful make up on! The other best feature of her face? Her big and round peepers that always looks so fierce on the red carpet.

#28 – AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne is known for her straight to video movie roles and appearances on obscure television shows, and now there is another reason to acknowledge her: as a celebrity example of just how much difference makeup can have. There is no denying that McCord is absolutely gorgeous, but after she posted some brave photos online which featured her without any makeup, it definitely made people realize how much the star wears in her daily life; her face is covered with blemishes and scarring and if you ask me she looks a bit rough around the eyes.

AnnaLynne released her makeup free photos because she didn’t want her fans to have unrealistic expectations about her appearance: after a few encounters with some fans it made her start reevaluating how she presented herself to the public. According to McCord there has been a noticeable change in how she has been treated after the release of the photos: both an outpouring of support for opening herself up to the world, and a wave of angry fans who felt like they were being deceived.

#27 – Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is absolute perfection. I was recently watching an old episode of “Saturday Night Live” that she hosted and she was practically a goddess. Angelina Jolie’s lips are so early 2000s! Kerry Washington’s? They’re much better. Kerry’s lips have their own thing going on and they’re nailing it! She knows how to play them up and make heads turn with nothing but her mouth (did that come out wrong?).

I was pretty surprised when I saw Kerry’s bare face because she has acne scars like me, but she does an amazing job of concealing them! It’s okay to have flaws, but it doesn’t hurt to cover them up. This only means that I have more things in common with her than I imagined. I just need luscious lips like hers and my own show about having an affair with the president, and I’m telling you that I’m set for life! Where does a girl have to go to get a consultation from Monica Lewinski?

#26 – Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is one of the older actresses to still be in the business, and even after all of these years she still looks great for her age: it’s amazing what taking proper care of your body will do for you in the long term. Stone is currently 57 years old, but she is most well known for her incredible roles in classic 90s films like “Blade Runner,” and “Casino.” Sharon might be fighting back father time but there is only so much you can do to maintain your youth: without her makeup on her age becomes apparent rather quickly.

When you have been in the film industry as long as Sharon Stone has it’s unavoidable that candid photos will be released of you, so Stone knew that eventually she would have to face the facts; she is old enough now that the pictures don’t bother her, as she would rather be known for her acting prowess than her dashing good looks. Even though Sharon seems to have her priorities straight these days, she still admits that she makes an effort to look her best: after all she has to worry about the image of the film directors as well.

#25 – Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was the epitome of sexy back when Baywatch was still on the air; she looked like an all American (even though she’s actually Canadian) beauty. The only thing that really changed about Anderson is that she no longer has that natural sun-kissed skin tan that she used to sport during her glory days as a fictional lifeguard. But hey, that’s nothing a little bronzer and some highlighter can’t fix! Pamela was so smoking during her prime that guys would have intentionally drowned themselves just for a chance to get saved by her.

Now days Pam looks like the MILF that lives next door when she’s all made up, and more like the average soccer mom when you take all the makeup away; she can keep up with her MILF next door status by playing up her pouty lips with some pink lipstick, but that might not be the look she is going for. It’s always about pulling attention towards your face, and Pam has got the lips to do it (let’s be honest, we’ve all seen that first hand)!

#24 – Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has never exactly been a model, but there is still something about her which seems to draw in the attention of everyone. Is it her approachable appearance that makes us like her so much, her down to Earth attitude that has us convinced we could have a lovely chat with her over brunch, or is it something else that makes her so darn enchanting? Seeing Lawrence without makeup on isn’t rare at all; the star regularly shows up to interviews and promotional events completely bare faced: everything about her is real.

When you strip the makeup off of some celebs it looks like you unmasked something terrifying, but with Lawrence it looks like anyone else you might see on the street. Jennifer has said that the key to looking okay without makeup is simply setting the bar low: if you look nearly identical with and without your makeup on then you always look your best. I love Jennifer, but perhaps her makeup advice isn’t the best: low expectations aren’t exactly a good look.

#23 – Madonna

I was incredibly surprised when I first saw Madonna’s bare face: it’s clear that age catches up to every one of us. But how about you try going on tour for as long as Madonna has in your fifties, you’re bound to tap out before she does… that woman has some stamina. Madonna also has kids (three to be exact) so where she finds the time to tour I absolutely have no idea.

Everyone’s looks are slowly deteriorating, but it helps if you at least try to freshen up with some foundation and lip gloss. Madge has an awesome bone structure, and one way to enhance that (and to shave off a few years) is with some contouring. She also has a face that screams “confidence” which can make people look with a good smoky eye. She may no longer be the same Madonna from the 80s that we all loved, but she still has the same pretty face and (of course) the same power and talent we expect from the eternal queen of pop.

#22 – Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne receives a lot of backlash for being a fashion critic while simultaneously ignoring all of her own advice, but that isn’t all that weird considering her father literally bit the head off of a bat. The Osbournes have been riding the “crazy train” for years, and Kelly’s makeup usually makes that blatantly clear: in her eyes if you want to look good you have to look like something out of a fantasy book. If you’re looking to up your fashion game then you need to be grounded in reality.

Without her makeup on Kelly Osbourne looks like she is in dire need of some help: a terrible complexion mixed with some terrible habits has led to a fashion disaster. When Kelly’s candid shots leaked she was a more than a bit embarrassed… this was her livelihood after all. Perhaps Miss Osbourne will keep her own photos in mind next time before she starts dishing out criticisms of her own: it only makes it that much sweeter when it comes around and bites you back!

#21 – Eva Longoria

So many women on this list have gone through divorce and managed to come out of it looking better than before they even got married: Eva Longoria is a good example of exactly that. Don’t even get me started on Longoria’s red carpet looks; she has an amazing ability to pull off fresh and light makeup and still be the hottest person there. Desperate house wife? Nope. That’s just one hot lady strutting her stuff around.

Eva has a small pretty face that can become even more beautiful with a little help from makeup: it can also help her look younger if she highlights her cheekbones and puts on a bit of mascara. Eva’s a Latina woman, so it’s practically a given that she is going to age more gracefully as time passes by, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t accentuate her beautiful features with some cosmetic help (not that she needs it honestly). Eva Longoria is beautiful enough to wear anything and still be ravishing.

#20 – Nicollette Sheridan

Oh my goodness! Without her makeup on it looks like Nicollette has dried up like a raisin; after being in the film industry so long the acting takes a toll on your skin, but it’s a good thing that Sheridan has found a makeup strategy to keep it all in check. It’s hard to imagine Nicollette continuing to get femme fatale roles without her makeup, but at 52 years of age perhaps it’s time that she start looking around for more relaxed and low stress film appearances.

Sheridan was photographed while she was out getting a drink, and she wasn’t too thrilled when she found out: her agent wanted to have the pictures pulled, but there was nothing that could be done. This photo serves as a reminder of just how cruel the world of acting can be: if you aren’t always on top of your game they will be looking to replace you with someone younger and better looking; it’s a good thing that Nicollette Sheridan’s experience speaks for itself.

#19 – Mila Kunis

Oh Mila, my dear. You’re my forever girl crush and that still hasn’t changed despite the photos of you without any make up on. Mila has proven the true power of what makeup can do for someone in need. I have woken up with a puffy face far too many times to count, and the only concrete solution to that is contouring: it’s something that happens to the best of us (even Mila). Mila has been looking good since she was a teen, so much so that the producer of “That 70s Show” thought she was an adult when she was cast as Jackie.

Kunis has large round eyes that could grab anyone’s attention with the right eyeliner, and her lips are naturally pouty, so it’s recommended that she play them up as well; she doesn’t want to go overboard though, or else her eye makeup and lipstick could clash. It’s better for my soul if I just pretend these photos don’t exist; all of you be quiet… she is still perfect in my eyes.

#18 – Hilary Duff

Child stars usually burn out and fizzle rather rapidly, or else they quickly find themselves on the wrong end of a series of bad life decisions; Hilary Duff is one of the few stars out there that started young and was able to keep their composure and stardom well into their adult years. Duff is still only 28 years old so she doesn’t have much to worry about in the way of aging, and without any of her makeup on she is surprisingly still a fairly good looking person.

Hilary Duff was photographed while running errands and aside from blemishes and blending issues she honestly looks all right; the star attributes her natural good looks to a good fitness regiment and a proper diet, but said that it was her pregnancy that really started to get her thinking about her physical well being: she wants to set a good example for her son and make sure he grows up knowing what it looks like to take good care of yourself.

#17 – Gwyneth Paltrow

Now, I’m not exactly the biggest Gwyneth Paltrow fan in the world, but she needs some mad props for having good skin despite all of the things she’s juggling in life. Gwyneth recently had a “conscious uncoupling,” and she’s now trying to be the healthy, organic, new age-y Martha Stewart. Maybe it’s not about what she’s eating that’s giving her such beautiful skin. I’m sure that she has access to a good (and expensive) dermatologists that provides her with all the creams and potions she can handle.

You also can’t deny the amazing genes that Gwyneth inherited from her mother, Blythe Danner, who still looks as elegant as she did decades ago: it must feel pretty good that you’re going to look great as you get older. You can tell Paltrow that she adds some color to her cheeks to help flesh out her face some. Also, nobody is spared from an uneven skin tone so she needs to get that in check. Sure, she may hydrate well throughout the day, but there’s bound to be some make up on that “no makeup” look of hers. I’m calling shenanigans.

#16 – Beyonce

Beyonce with and without her makeup looks like night and day: it was probably a big shocker for Jayz the first time he saw her without a little facial assistance. Beyonce certainly doesn’t look bad without makeup on but she is nowhere close to the almost supermodel-esque appearance she boasts on her tours. It must be pretty tiresome for Knowles to always look like a goddess so it was only a matter of time before she was caught out and about looking as natural as the day she was born.

Beyonce was a bit relived when she was finally photographed without her makeup on because it photo could have been a lot worse than it was (at least it showed her having a good time and smiling); she is familiar with some of the terrible backlash that stars receive after candid shots of them are released, and so she feels a bit blessed that she dodged a bullet: the power artist will continue to have no problems filling stadiums all over the world.

#15 – Tyra Banks

I owe a heck of a lot to Tyra Banks: she’s one of the first women who helped me come to terms with my oversized butt. Tyra’s a supermodel and a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, and she’s the epitome of a cool and confident woman…especially when she has her game face on. Let’s all just lament for a moment that none of us will ever look as perfect as she does. Simply put it’s a bit disheartening to know that someone out there looks better than you in every conceivable way.

Tyra is well known for admitting that she has a big forehead, but with a proper makeup application it’s barely noticeable, honestly; she’s another woman who knows how to make her flaws work for her with some cosmetic help. On the red carpet Tyra’s face is beautifully contoured, and her long eyelashes frame her eyes nicely. Banks always chooses a bold lip color that simply screams, “FIERCE,” and truth be told it’s a bit intimidating.

#14 – Katie Couric

Katie Couric has built a career on television while serving as a host for all three of the major television networks; on screen she is always looking great, and this master of makeup simplicity commands the attention and respect of the viewer. If you take Couric’s makeup away, however, the result is unfortunately disastrous: she looks like she is having an allergic reaction, or that she was the victim of an unfortunate accident. It’s a good thing that Katie knows how to apply makeup because naturally she has a definite face for radio.

Katie is fully aware of her shortcomings, and her success is partially due to her immense dedication to not only improving as a host, but to mastering her on camera appearance. If there is anything to take away from Couric’s story it’s that a ton of hard work and a little bit of makeup (ok a lot) can help you triumph all… or at least land you a spot on some pretty big news syndicates.

#13 – Katherine Heigl

I haven’t seen much of Katherine Heigl recently, in fact I think the last time I saw her was when she was in that one movie with Patrick Dempsey. Katherine looks so bright and illuminated when she has her makeup on; her cheekbones pop out whenever she’s smiling, which is actually one of the reasons why I think contouring is just so amazing.

It doesn’t seem like Katherine is stressing out about laying low in Hollywood, where people constantly depend on fame to live; she seems to be living a rather peaceful life right now away from show business, and rumor has it that it’s because she is a really difficult person to work with. We’re not sure if that’s true, but she must have got along pretty well with her makeup artist on “Grey’s Anatomy,” because she always looked so perfect back then. Some more lipstick might be able to help Heigl get on the good side of Hollywood once more, but that might be wishful thinking.

#12 – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga calls her fans “little monsters” but after seeing her without any makeup it might be her way of compensating a bit; Gaga is a pure fashionist, but sans makeup her plain Jane appearance and rough complexion isn’t giving us very much to go Gaga over. Gaga’s appearance is a testament to just how effective proper makeup application can be, since when she is all dolled up for her shows she looks absolutely fantastic: it’s easy to see why so many men consider to be a modern sex icon.

Lady gaga has certainly not shied away from the camera at all since she has not only released photos without makeup, but also photo sets without any clothes: the star takes a great deal of pride in showing off what she has so that her fans feel the same way. Gaga has said before that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is why she believes so strongly in creating her own sense of beauty and fashion (I guess that is really the only way you can justify a dress made out of meat).

#11 – Nicole Richie

Without Paris Hilton the name Nichole Richie might not mean anything, since it was their friendship and appearance on “The Simple Life” that really brought the spotlight onto her; she described it as the most fun she ever had in her life, and since then she has spent her time behind the scenes creating fashion for others. You don’t realize just how much makeup that Nichole Richie wears until you see her without it on: it’s almost as if she puts on a mask before she gets in front of the camera.

It takes a real expert to transform her look so drastically, but when you’re a fashion icon you there is simply no room for a messy look. Richie certainly looks stellar when her makeup is on correctly, but her focus has always been on apparel: her fashion collections have been winning all sorts of awards and it won’t be long before she starts turning her gaze towards makeup as well (although her friend Paris seems to have beaten her to the punch).

#10 – Kathy Griffin

Are we looking at Kathy Griffin on her daily workout or is that actually Carrot Top? Griffin has been involved with countless comedy productions over the years and is considered to be one of the staples of the industry, but after nearly 35 years as a Comedian she is facing something that isn’t very funny at all: the severe effects of aging. Kathy has stated that her declining appearance is one of the reasons she has been attending less and less shows, but when she does book a gig then makeup is always there to help.

Griffin makes due with what she has but she has honestly never been happier; having a career is nice but it’s certainly relaxing to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor: she doesn’t have to work herself to the bone any longer to scrape by. Within the next ten years we likely won’t be seeing Kathy Griffin in the industry any longer which is an awful shame: she really was one of the best in the business.

#9 – Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashians are famous for being good looking and fashion savvy, but not even they can “keep up” with the paparazzi. Khloe Kardashian is one of the few stars who actually benefitted from their makeup-less photos being released, because she looks rather similar to how she normally does. Khloe received an outpouring of support from her fans, thanking her for keeping everything real and honest, and it further cemented in Khloe’s mind that she was making the right choice in choosing to keep her makeup minimal.

Khloe’s story helps remind us just how many impressionable young minds are out there looking up to these young stars, and her down to Earth approach on her appearance has helped her to generate both attention and respect from other celebs. Despite the positive reaction to Khloe’s candid shots it seems that her sister, Kim, wasn’t so eager to see a similar thing happen to her: she is a massive fan of makeup and the makeup industry and isn’t quite as flattering without makeup as her sibling.

#8 – Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a big star with a heck of a personality; you can find her in various film sets she isn’t even acting in just so she can brighten up the days of former co-stars. Unfortunately a heart of gold doesn’t prevent you from fashion criticism, and Hathaway has received some serious backlash as a response to her photos without makeup: the “Les Miserables” was told that she didn’t even need to attend costuming for her physically unflattering film role… all she had to do was show up naturally.

Hathaway took her haters with stride and has earned our respect in the process: it takes guts to keep your cool when “fans” are being unreasonable and petty. While I love Anne it really is true that her complexion isn’t exactly star material without a bit of assistance, but when you’re a big star like Anne is that really isn’t much of a problem: you can hire professionals who can take care of that sort of thing.

#7 – Snooki

People love to hate on Snooki almost as much as people love to hate on Justin Bieber, but this “Jersey Shore” starlet shocked everyone after they accused of her of wearing too much makeup: she proved them wrong. Snooki may not be the most popular celeb, but one thing she isn’t is unattractive; she stripped off the makeup and snapped a few pictures to show everyone just how natural her look really is, and it turns out that she really doesn’t have much to hide after all.

Snooki’s success story inspired a few other “Jersey Shore” stars to follow suit, but unfortunately for them they didn’t get the same attention: I never thought I would say this but apparently Snooki is a hard act to follow when it comes to natural beauty. I guess it does make sense that Snooki looks so go when she is stripped of all her fashion accessories, after all she was just a regular Jane before she was picked up and turned into a star.

#6 – Mila Jovovich

Mila Jovovich has a rough time when it comes to fashion critics because she doesn’t really have the same feminine characteristics that are expected of an actress, but that doesn’t dissuade her from walking down the red carpet like she owns the place! Even though Mila has some more masculine facial features, with a bit of makeup she still manages to turn heads: she was one of the most talked about actresses at the most recent Oscars, despite the fact that she had no major film nominations that year.

Mila’s complexion is a bit rough, but with some foundation her skin appears smooth as silk; what guy honestly would turn down someone as gorgeous as that? Jovovich recently appeared in a photo shoot to put an end to the negativity once and for all, and while we’re not that convinced her plans is really going to work, it’s still nice to see an actress embrace her criticisms and try to turn them into something positive.

#5 – Kim Kardashian

Is that really Kim Kardashian? It’s shocking, I know, but the fact is that without her super starlet makeup that Kim just isn’t all that. It should come as no surprise that such a huge makeup advocate is heavily invested in the makeup industry since her career largely hinges on it, although now that she has shacked up with Kanye West there is a bit less pressure to bring home the bacon. When Kim’s makeup-less photos hit the web she was more than a bit furious, and demanded to figure out who was responsible for the photo.

Despite her attitude over the whole ordeal, Kim’s fans continued to support her with her rougher appearance, and took to Twitter to tell her it made her seem more relatable, and that she would always be beautiful to them. Kim thanked her fans for all of their kind words, but she wasn’t really buying into the feel good story: instead she focused on making sure she wouldn’t be caught bare again.

#4 – Demi Lovato

It seems like yesterday that Demi Lovato first entered our lives, but now the 23 year old singer is touring the world and bringing home the big bucks. Lovato is known for her catchy tunes, engaging shows, and especially her alternative fashion sense. Fans were writing Demi letters asking her to show herself off without any makeup, and after constantly being pestered enough she finally agreed: the result was actually a bit underwhelming since it turned out she looks like a pretty normal person after all.

Even though Demi’s fans didn’t get the shock that they were expecting, she still received a lot of positive messages for keeping so close with her fans; interacting with hundreds of thousands of people is difficult, but she continues to give them what they want, as well as maintain a good image for her younger audience. As a result of her photo release, Demi has begun appearing more often without cosmetics, and she really looks beautiful without her makeup on: she doesn’t need any “more.”

#3 – Maria Shriver

Sometimes there isn’t enough makeup in the world to cover the effects of father time, and the only real answer is to wear it all proudly, which is exactly what Maria Shriver has done. Shriver has always been known for her books as opposed to her looks, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t taken steps to look as presentable as possible; Shriver has taken pride in taking care of her skin and her health, and at 60 years old she still looks pretty good for her age.

If you ever become famous there is no doubt that you’ll receive more hate mail than you can possible manage, but Maria treats it like water off a duck’s back: she lets it roll right off; she has always been more focused on her writing than her appearance and it certainly shows, as her books will carry on her name long after she has exited fame. A legacy is perhaps the most beautiful thing that a person can ever create.

#2 – Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is a star that wears a ton of makeup, and so did her ex-husband Tom Cruise; the two would often get poked at by their friends for showing up to places with so makeup on that it would look like they were going out for Halloween. Holmes and Cruise have been divorced for almost three years, but she still wears makeup like no one else, and the difference between her photos is absolutely astonishing: she looks like a warning to kids to avoid bad life choices.

Holmes was put on blast by fashion critics after her recent film appearances, who stated that she didn’t seem to care anymore what movies she appeared in and what she looked like, but Holmes swatted them aside by labeling them as shallow and malicious (perhaps she should change her first name to Sherlock). Katie seems more preoccupied these days with raising her daughter, Suri, than with appeasing her fan base, but that doesn’t mean you can look good while you do it!

#1 – Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, but how does she fare without her makeup on? The answer is that Sofia doesn’t look half bad at all; sure she doesn’t look like a supermodel without her makeup on but realistically who does? The paparazzi have been trying to sneak shots of Sofia without makeup for years, thinking that the reveal would be a surefire way to get their work on the front pages of a few magazines (imagine how disappointed they were).

Vergara’s candid shots certainly got attention, just not in the way that the photographers had intended: fans were more than impressed with her look, but she still insists on keeping covered. I imagine when people think you’re one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood that you aren’t too keen on changing things anytime soon. There is definitely a big difference between Sofia with and without makeup on, but most women would kill if they could imitate either look.