10 Celebs You Had No Idea Went Under The Knife


With celebrities living under the public’s spotlight 24 hours a day, it can be hard to hide even the smallest blemish on your body. These days it seems that people notice even a single pound of weight gain, and start to question you about it almost immediately; it can be a little mind numbing to say the least, and perhaps that’s why some celebrities have ditched the spotlight entirely.

Celebrities have been known to undergo cosmetic surgery with the intention to give their careers a boost, by helping them look better and younger as they age. Surgery has helped to prolong careers, but the changes are usually not so subtle, and a lot of the public will point out the discrepancies almost immediately.

Not all celebrities have gained a ton of publicity for going under the knife, some were able to either have it done early enough in their careers where they weren’t watched so heavily, and with others the difference was subtle enough to not be noticed. Here are 10 celebrities that have had plastic surgery that flew right under the radar.

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