10 Of The Weirdest Spa Treatments


Leech Therapy

Leech-TherapyLeeches were once a huge part of medicine for a very long time up until the development of medicine in the 20th century. People believed that leeches could suck the ‘bad blood’ out of the body and cure most ailments for patients. Although the method was not very effective, there are still people who claim it works. Some professionals in the cosmetic and skin fields swear that the treatment is successful, which proves that leeches still have an iota of value remaining.

About 40 years ago, it was discovered that leeches could still be used for skin grafts and plastic surgery. This benefit has carried over into spas and, as a result, many are charging big bucks to attach the little bloodsuckers onto your skin to better alleviate some of the toxins near the skin’s layers. You could probably find a leech and put it onto your skin yourself, but that takes too much time. Spas typically charge over $500 to find them for you and put them on. Yuck!


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