24 Of The Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails


The camera does not lie: it does not care whether you are astoundingly beautiful or as ugly as an ogre; it doesn’t care whether you have purple hair or freckled skin. Cameras don’t discriminate, and as a result there will be times when it catches you at your very best or your absolute worst. From weird angles to harsh lighting, there are plenty of factors that can cause a photo to turn out downright awful: no one is immune to the massive power of the camera lens! Whether you are a Hollywood A-lister or just a regular “Joe,” everyone has taken a terrible photo in their lifetime (heck I take one almost every week). From awkward group shops to the notorious selfie, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to ruining pictures is having absolutely horrendous makeup.. Because celebrities have makeup artists and a team of stylists you would think that they would be the exception to the rule, but when a makeup disaster strikes a celeb it will be plastered all over the web for everyone to see. Bad photos simply cannot be avoided even with a team of professionals behind you. But which celebrities have had the biggest makeup fails in recent years? We found 24 whose makeup nearly broke the camera. With photos hailing from the red carpet all the way to the courtroom, celebs have created absolute makeup mayhem. How many of your favorite celebs are on the list?

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