#19 – 20 Amazing Before & After Makeup Makeovers


19The makeup used on this woman reminds me of peaches and cream on a nice and warm afternoon. It’s a nice “no makeup” look for a casual day out. It’s a very minimalistic yet eye-catching look that would suit anyone. I could see myself copying this woman’s light makeup for a weekend coffee date.

This look is great for girls who are still testing the waters when it comes to playing with makeup. It’s clean, fresh, and makes you glow. If you’re one of those ladies who prefer to have a pop of color or you want to convert this to an evening look, try adding a hint of a brightly colored eye shadow or some colored eyeliner on your lids with a pinkish shade of lipstick or lip-gloss. Remember, you can still look natural even if you have a bit of color on your face.