20 Most Beautiful People Of The Last Two Decades According To People Magazine


With a history spanning 40 years, People Magazine is the largest magazine publication in the United States. From growing popularity thanks to widespread distribution and an extensive fan base of dedicated readers, People highlights celebrity gossip, lifestyle stories, and personal interest articles featuring everyday people. Once a year, the hit magazine runs a special issue of the most beautiful people in the world, including the sexiest person alive. Like the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, this edition has proven to be the most popular issue as people love to look at beautiful people.

People Magazine’s most beautiful people list originated in the early 1990s and has since become the focal point of many discussions and, yes, even arguments. Celebrities secretly (and not so secretly) wish to see their names on the list while everyday people like us only dream of the achievement. While many dream of being named to the list once, the truth is that the list has been around long enough that some stars have been featured multiple times as timeless figures of beauty and grace. That’s right, not once but twice!

Who are the best looking people of the last 20 years according to People Magazine? Here’s a list of familiar faces of both new and old. Who made the list and who didn’t? Let’s start with an actress whose career was launched as a superhero or villain, all of which depended on her mood that day.


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