8 Of The Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World


Where you do buy your makeup? Do you spend countless hours perusing the aisles of retail giants like Sephora or Ulta? Do you pick up the basic necessities while shopping for groceries or at the nearest dollar store where a year’s supply can cost less than $20?

While most of us head over to department stores or retailers to save both time and money on beauty essentials, those living life in the fast lane are able to spend top dollar on beauty products without thinking twice about the price tag. If you gasp at spending $100 on foundation, you will be shocked to learn that $100 is literally mere pennies when it comes to some of the most expensive beauty products in the world. In fact, these products are a far cry from what we see in department stores and specialty boutiques!

Do these makeups or perfumes do anything different than their less expensive counterparts? Surprisingly enough, the answer is “no” as these products are essentially the same apart from their prices. So if these products do the exact same thing, why spend the extra money? Many find that paying top dollar for these makeups is not about the price tag but about the luxury of having these makeups. In other words, a woman who has these brands in her drawer solidifies her place in an elite club characterized by luxury and lavishness.

What are the most expensive beauty products in the world and why are their price tags so high? Here are the eight most expensive products available that prove that the products themselves are not nearly as impressive as their presentation and packaging. Let’s start the list with an oil made of gold.


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