8 Tricks To Look Good In Photos


Lean Forward

Lean-Forward-Image-2Have you ever accidentally opened the front-facing camera on your phone or mindlessly starred at the blank screen on your computer? Did you like your reflection? Most people would respond with a ‘no’ because of the massive double chin that they saw. In most cases, this is a result of your face looking down while your body is leaning back. Leaning forward is the best way to make sure the dreaded double chin doesn’t make an appearance in your photos.

By leaning forward, you are tightening all of the skin around your face and neck so that you actually look like a human being instead of just a big ugly toe. Your face instantly looks thinner thanks to your facial bones being more pronounced. You neck will also look sleeker and longer. Make sure that the camera is at least at eye level and put your chin down ever so slightly to give yourself the perfect angle.


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