17 Celebs That Look Way Better with Glasses

Whether you call them spectacles or specs, eyeglasses, glasses or goggles, you might have never guessed that nearly 30 percent of Americans need corrective lenses. What’s even more shocking is that the majority of those people choose to wear glasses instead of contacts! Why then are so many people in a rush to get contacts or pay top dollar for corrective surgery? What’s wrong with glasses?

Thanks to childhood taunts like “four-eyes” and “geeky specs” being common on the playground, it’s no surprise that many people feel like glasses might make them look less cool or more like a dork or a dweeb. However, this may not be the case for much longer thanks to eyeglass designers who debut modern lines and celebrities who walk the red carpet looking beautiful and bespectacled. Who said glasses were dorky again?

Proving that glasses are definitely in style, some celebrities wear them to make a fashion statement while others wear them out of necessity and are far from ever being called dorks, geeks and dweebs. So, are you curious as to which celebrities looked hotter wearing their glasses than not? Let’s take a look at these 17 celebs who look way better with glasses and see if you agree!

16 Average Looking Celebs That Cashed in on Fame and Married Knockouts

What do women really want? What do they look for when it comes to their dream guy? While many women claim they’re looking for the complete package, others argue that there’s far more to their dream guy than a wallet full of money, a great personality and devilishly handsome good looks. And, to be honest, we couldn’t agree more!

While celebrities like Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling often get top billing as Hollywood’s hottest men, we couldn’t help but wonder about the regular looking Joe’s who share the spotlight. How have these average looking celebs fared when it comes to their careers and even love? You might be surprised!

Following Cupid’s arrow straight to the red carpet, concert stage and basketball court, we found 16 average (and some below average) looking men who cashed in on fame and married total knockouts! In fact, some of these regular Joe’s hit the jackpot more than once in life after marrying women most men can only dream about! Are you ready to see these “beauty and the beast” matches that are sure to make you a tad bit jealous? Let’s get started with one of music’s greatest legends!

Top 20 Hottest Redheads in Hollywood

From fiery tempers and faces full of freckles to pale skin and nicknames like “ginger” and “carrot top,” redheads tend to get a bad rap when it comes to attractiveness. With less than two percent of the world with red hair, it’s no surprise that redheads are the brunt of many jokes when it comes to their locks and their looks. But, since redheads can’t get grey hair, maybe they get the last laugh after all?

While redheads are definitely unique when it comes to the United States, Hollywood in particular has taken on their fair share of these crimson haired beauties. From the legendary Lucille Ball and her iconic knack for comedy to late night funnyman Conan O’Brien and A-listers like Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Michael Fassbender, celebrity redheads are far more common than you just might think.

So, out of all the beautiful redheads in Hollywood, which ones are the hottest? While beauty is in undoubtedly in the eye of the beholder, we have no doubt that you’ll agree with our picks for the top 20 hottest redheads in Hollywood. Are you ready? Let’s light the fire of these crimson haired celebs by starting with a child star whose gorgeous red locks still burn bright despite a career that has long cooled off.

Top 50 Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Plastic Surgery

Facelifts and implants, liposuction and nose jobs – this sounds like a checklist for Hollywood, doesn’t it? For so long, plastic surgery has been a way for celebrities to prevent the signs of aging and forever maintain their handsome good looks and girlish figures. With the demands of fame and the fact that the camera adds 10 pounds or more, we can’t blame anyone for wanting a little help after gravity starts to work overtime.

While average people often opt for plastic surgery, going under the knife for implants and tucks is almost a prerequisite for being a Hollywood star. In fact, as critics spend their time whispering about the latest Hollywood goddess’s nose job, male celebs slipped by the camera without too much attention. That is, until recently.

The high demands of looking good in Hollywood no longer only affect women. Today, many male celebs are opting for plastic surgery to help ease the pains of aging in such a harsh and critical world. From liposuction to jawline reconstructions, Hollywood’s hottest celebs are going under the knife for just about anything that may help them look hotter, sexier and yes, even younger. In fact, we found 50 male celebrities whose plastic surgery before and after photos will leave you shocked, but we’ll let you decide if these are success stories or botched jobs of epic proportions!

Suggested Post – 10 Celebs Without Makeup

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    Putting on makeup is an art form. Personally, I love playing around with it— all the colors, and tricks you can do to your face! My makeup skills are pretty damn good, and even more amazing when I have time on my hands. I’m actually convinced that all of my past flames got mildly startled when they first woke up beside me without my makeup on. So, future guys— I’m sorry for my bare face in the morning. And I’m sorry for sleeping with my mouth open while drool is falling out from the side.

    If you’re a frequent YouTube watcher, you’ll notice the sudden boom in beauty channels. Some of the products that they use may hurt your pocket— beauty is pain isn’t it? But if you’re like me, you can always search for dupes (make up with the same shades and finishes, but from a different and more affordable manufacturer).

    As women, we are all beautiful, but even more so when our best features are enhanced with makeup. Then there are celebrities. Go on Instagram and I’m sure you’re following a few stars who have selfies of themselves while being made up. I’m telling you, I won’t name names, but there are plenty of uhm, less attractive celebrities who turn into gorgeous creations of God because of the magic of a make up artist’s brush. Maybe it’s time I look into beauty schools, because damn, make up artists are making bank nowadays! Here are ten celebs who look really different than what we’re used to.

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    Tyra Banks

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    Tyra-BanksIt’s hard to keep a job as a model for more than a couple of years when the industry heavily values a youthful appearance, but Tyra Banks has defeated the odds by making her career last for more than two decades. Banks has reached the pinnacle of modeling by appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue not once, but twice! Banks also drew in a lot of new eyes as the host of “America’s Next Top Model.”

    Bank’s has been a big advocate of making appearances without makeup to illustrate what the fashion industry does to models’ images; an example of these changes is this photo, which features Banks with smoothed skin around her eyes, and a complete change in eye color from brown to hazel.

    Faith Hill

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    Faith-HillCountry music doesn’t get played too often on the radio, but Faith Hill was one of the first to have a popular pop-crossover, which has made her one of the most successful artists in country music history. Hill has sold more than 40 million albums, and is married to the country music powerhouse, Tim McGraw. Faith has won five Grammys, and countless Country Music Awards, and is considered a legend in her industry.

    Faith Hill still looks fantastic at 47 years old, and most would kill to age as well as she has. Despite Faith Hill’s wonderful appearance, her photos are still regularly airbrushed for the media; her arms were slimmed down, and the waist around her dress was taken in to make her appear slimmer in Redbook Magazine’s photos.

    Eva Longoria

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    Eva-LongoriaYou probably wouldn’t be too shocked to hear that the beautiful Eva Longoria got her start as a pageant queen. Longoria came from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Hollywood, where she starred in soap operas before landing her breakout role in the ABC drama/comedy “Desperate Housewives.” Longoria’s had a modest film career, but has been able to keep busy and maintain her spot in the public eye.

    Longoria is 40 years old and looking fabulous, but apparently not fabulous enough for certain magazines; this photo shows Longoria’s hair changed, and her makeup altered so her face would “pop” out. Perhaps the most shocking change is an adjustment to Longoria’s clothes which make it look like she’s showing more skin through her lingerie.

    Megan Fox

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    Megan-FoxMost men in their mid to late 20’s think Megan Fox is the best looking actress in Hollywood. Fox started her film career in 2007 with “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” (a biopic of her life), and quickly became the go-to actress when a director needed an onscreen starlet. The turning point in Fox’s career came when she was cast in the first two “Transformers” films.

    Fox is one of the youngest members on the list at just 29 years old, so you would probably think that her photos wouldn’t need much editing. Still, magazines strive for absolute perfection and even Fox gets airbrushed regularly; you can see the change in her skin’s tone, and her nose and lips have received a total makeover.

    Angelina Jolie

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    Angelina-JolieAs the daughter of actor Jon Voight, it seemed inevitable that Angelina Jolie was destined for stardom at a very young age; Jolie starred in her first film alongside her father back in 1982, but took the next decade off to pursue her education, before finally resuming in 1993. Jolie got her first big role nearly 20 years ago in the movie “Hackers,” but has since starred in many blockbuster hits, and has become established as an A-list actress; her many “talents” can be observed in her flawless portrayal of Lola in the masterpiece movie “Shark Tale.”

    Angelina just turned 40 years old, which seems like a death sentence to some actresses, but Jolie won’t have to worry about that; she’s as close to physical perfection as can be, but her photos aren’t always completely natural. In this photo almost every part of Jolie’s face has been airbrushed, including some obvious changes to her lips; the most notable change of all has to be Angelina’s miraculous change in eye!