Sharon Stone

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Sharon-StoneSharon Stone got her start by working as a model, before deciding that acting was more her forte; Stone picked up all of her stuff and moved to New York City, getting her first role as an extra in a Woody Allen movie. After her first appearance as Bag Lady #2, Stone was recognized and given small roles, until she achieved stardom by starring opposite of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1990 film “Total Recall.”

Sharon Stone is the oldest person on this list, at 57 years old her pictures get touched up to the point where she looks half of her age; in this airbrushed photo Stone has slender and tight skin on her arms and neck, and her face was given a complete makeover. Perhaps the most noticeable “improvement” to Sharon Stone’s photos are the changes to her chest which is enhanced to look bigger and perkier.


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MadonnaThe state of Michigan has a rich music history, and one of the most prominent names to come from the Wolverine State is Madonna, who ironically looks like a wolverine herself. Madonna became a big name in the 1980s with hits such as “Like a Virgin,” “Like a Prayer,” and “Vogue;” to this day Madonna is still a big name in the music industry, and headlines both concerts and festivals around the world which sell thousands of tickets.

Madonna certainly clings to her youth, which is plain to see in pictures of the singer that have been severely airbrushed; Madonna is currently 56 years old, and you can clearly tell when you see her in person. According to magazine covers, Madonna is a bright and smooth skinned woman in her early 30s with huge blue eyes and no sagging to speak of, but you’re not fooling us!

Penelope Cruz

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Penelope-CruzWhen it comes to timeless beauties, the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is often mentioned; Cruz was an actress in her home country for years before finally moving to the United States, and quickly becoming a big name. With roles in movies such as “Vanilla Sky,” and “Blow,” Cruz is widely regarded as a great actress, and an international sex symbol: earning a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Cruz has maintained her popularity and beauty for a long time, but everybody eventually starts to show signs of aging; magazines would like you to forget that fact, as Cruz’s photos have been smoothed out to eliminate any signs of eye bags or forehead wrinkles, and even her hands were made to look younger.

Alicia Silverstone

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Alicia-SilverstoneIn her first movie role, Alicia Silverstone was able to earn an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance in “The Crush;” after that, Silverstone was cast as the lead in the hit movie “Clueless” which made her a household name. Lately Silverstone hasn’t had any big roles, but you don’t need a “clue” to understand why. Silverstone did land the part of Batgirl in 1997’s “Batman and Robin:” these days she’s working as a producer, an author, and an activist.

At only 38 years old, Silverstone might not be as old as you think, meaning she was actually in high school during her role in “Clueless.” Even Silverstone has gone through the photo-editing gauntlet during a magazine appearance, and you can really see the detail on this one; her lips were made red, and her skin was smoothened under her eyes and on her forehead: instantly taking off five years.


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FergieFergie achieved more than most could ever hope to within the music industry; since starting with the Black Eyed Peas more than 10 years ago, Fergie has sold millions of records with the band, as well as finding success in her solo career. The Black Eyed Peas have achieved the highly sought after goal for any musical act, by performing at halftime during the Super Bowl.

You may not believe it, but Fergie is actually 40 years old, which means these days she should be checking herself for lady lumps. Fergie’s been performing since as early as the 1980s, but you wouldn’t be able to tell her age after her photos are airbrushed to make her look younger: touching up any facial features that show signs of aging. Fergie is beautiful either way, but digital editors are able to make her look even moreso.

Photoshop Magic: 11 Celeb Photos That Weren’t So Glamorous Before They Were Air Brushed

For nearly 100 years, airbrushing has been used in the field of photography. Dating back to the days of the Soviet Union under the rule of Josef Stalin, the popularity of airbrushing has increased dramatically and is now used on a daily basis: digital images and computers with Photoshop make altering images in real time easier than ever, and ironically nobody uses it more than the fashion industry.

There has been immense backlash against publications featuring models because some say digitally altering a model’s physical appearance creates a false image of what is physically achievable (I don’t know what they mean, just look how many Brad Pitts are walking around); while there is certainly some merit to that, it hasn’t stopped magazines and websites worldwide from generating interest by featuring airbrushed models.

Some celebrities have been drastically altered without the risk of going under the knife, thanks to incredibly talented digital editors. But which celebrities have undergone the most incredible transformations? Here are the top 11 celeb photos that weren’t so glamorous before being airbrushed!

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    Father Time does not discriminate. Log onto Facebook and you can see that everyone from your past has aged either subtly or dramatically, gracefully or painstakingly. In fact, consider high school reunions of times past when the greatest excitement was to reconnect with “old” friends to see whose looks remained or whose looks changed, who sported a beer gut or who lost the baby weight. Aging is inevitable and the internet and social media only make it more noticeable as people can more readily see the progression of time.

    Celebrities face the reality of aging in the limelight as magazines and websites make money by posting unflattering pictures and rumors of wrinkles and plastic surgery. While some celebrities fear gray hair and laugh lines, others seem to be immune (or carefree) to the signs of time. These seemingly ageless celebrities are often ignored by tabloids because they lack gossip surrounding horrible beach bodies and tummy tucks, nose jobs or weight loss, but it is long overdue to give them praise for their beauty and grace.

    Which celebrities defy the odds and the laws of time to keep themselves looking top notch in their later years? We found 10 beautiful celebrities far past their prime whose looks outrank some of the most beautiful people in the world. Here’s our list, starting with an actor whose multiple advertising personas has ignited viral humor and countless spoofs.

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    When we see photos of celebrities looking their best, we tend to get a bit jealous of their amazing physique. It’s no surprise that some of the most famous people in the world keep trim bodies for the public eye, but they don’t use the same tried and true methods of losing weight like the rest of us. Instead, some celebs venture on amore untraveled route, and attempt crazy dieting techniques that were suggested to them.

    Some of these diets sound ridiculous, and like they would have no chance of working, but eerily enough the results speak for themselves. The diets aren’t all the same either, some include eating only a single unusual item over and over again, while others don’t allow these celebs to eat at all. It seems like if a diet suggested cannibalism, at least one cooky celeb would try and become the next Hannibal Lecter.

    You certainly shouldn’t try an extreme diet without consulting a doctor, because a lot of them are as far from healthy as imaginable. Cutting calories and exercise will work just fine for you, but many people don’t want to put in the heavy amounts of time and effort involved. Here are the 10 craziest diets that break away from the norm, and the 10 celebrities that stand by them; some aren’t looking for weight loss, they just have some odd eating habits.

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      We all know how hard it is to lose weight and how defeated we can feel at times when the pounds don’t shed off as quickly as we would like. Though this frustration is valid, imagine the pressure that celebrities feel in having to look their best, which is often considered to also be their thinnest. Whether celebrities are standing in front of a packed auditorium or modeling in a bikini, some of the biggest stars in the world have faced the ever-present challenge of weight loss.

      While cutting our calorie intake and jogging a few miles each week is usually recommended for most of us seeking to drop weight and keep it off, celebrities do not have it quite so easy. In leading roles, celebrities are often asked to provide outrageous results such as dropping 20 pounds in a single month to meet the physical requirements for a newly landed role. This need for quick results is where celebrities tend to get creative and drastic with their weird weight loss tricks.

      Which celebrity diet tricks are the weirdest and how well did they work? Not only are these tricks considered very strange, they are also highly criticized by medical professionals for good reason. Obviously, reducing your calories and exercise will not bring normal folks down to a size zero in a matter of weeks, so try your best to avoid any of these tricks and stick with a healthy routine. Trust us as these tricks are purely for entertainment purposes only. How strange are they? Let’s get started!

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        Where you do buy your makeup? Do you spend countless hours perusing the aisles of retail giants like Sephora or Ulta? Do you pick up the basic necessities while shopping for groceries or at the nearest dollar store where a year’s supply can cost less than $20?

        While most of us head over to department stores or retailers to save both time and money on beauty essentials, those living life in the fast lane are able to spend top dollar on beauty products without thinking twice about the price tag. If you gasp at spending $100 on foundation, you will be shocked to learn that $100 is literally mere pennies when it comes to some of the most expensive beauty products in the world. In fact, these products are a far cry from what we see in department stores and specialty boutiques!

        Do these makeups or perfumes do anything different than their less expensive counterparts? Surprisingly enough, the answer is “no” as these products are essentially the same apart from their prices. So if these products do the exact same thing, why spend the extra money? Many find that paying top dollar for these makeups is not about the price tag but about the luxury of having these makeups. In other words, a woman who has these brands in her drawer solidifies her place in an elite club characterized by luxury and lavishness.

        What are the most expensive beauty products in the world and why are their price tags so high? Here are the eight most expensive products available that prove that the products themselves are not nearly as impressive as their presentation and packaging. Let’s start the list with an oil made of gold.

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