Bye, Bye Straps!


Bye-Bye-StrapsNormally, I wouldn’t mind having bra straps that are peeking out if I’m just running a few errands around the neighborhood. However, there’s always a time and place for my bra straps to say hello to someone. As ladies, we all have that one favorite bra that we can’t just throw away, even if the straps are becoming tpp loose. We insist on wearing it during those special nights because that bra tends to make our chests look better. Let’s face it; strapless bras can betray you by suddenly cooperating with gravity or by turning around by themselves.

The solution for those loose straps? Attach a tiny button clasp to a small piece of cloth, and sew it inside the straps of your clothes (in order to keep your bra straps in place). Trust me, it’s worth the effort and saves you from constantly pulling your straps back up.