10 Best Skin Lightening Home Remedies

Dark skin can be caused by many different things, from too much sunlight to smoking cigarettes, your skin gets dull fairly easily. If you don’t want your skin to resemble that of a used glove, you can use natural solutions to help brighten it. Now, there are many unnatural ways to lighten your skin, but they are expensive and most of them don’t even work. Nobody wants to throw money away on stuff that doesn’t work, especially in these days of frugality.

Natural is the way to go, after studies have shown what kind of damage unnatural skin lightening products can do. Just google what happened to Sammy Sosa, it’s a tragedy, really. Instead of bleaching yourself, try one our natural methods. (Seriously, bleaching your skin can be very dangerous. You are supposed to bleach your stained clothes or bathroom surface, not your skin!)

These natural ways are sure to have your skin glowing as if you were about to ascend into heaven. Celebrities pay way too much money for skin lightening treatments. You can do it for pennies on the dollar while improving your health and avoiding the surgeon’s office. So what are the best natural ways in which you can lighten your skin? We found 10 that are sure to help you out during this long winter.

20 Amazing Before & After Makeup Makeovers

I was recently scouring through Makeup Artists portfolios and it made me think how amazing makeup really is. It’s a bit tough to learn at first, but damn, makeup has the power to turn you from zero to ten in a jiffy. With the right makeup, you can go from Plain Jane to Maxim Model all in the swirl of a brush (no plastic surgery required.) There are so many tutorials available online to learn these magical makeup tips and tricks. I’ve been experimenting with makeup since I was a little girl, but I’ve only expanded my skills recently thanks to the incredibly talented Makeup Artists of YouTube. I’ve learned how to contour and highlight my face just like Kim Kardashian, and I’ve perfected the Taylor Swift cat eye. I’ve also discovered the wonders of “dupes”— or buying cheaper alternatives to my usual, pricey brands (something I do when I run out of product in between paychecks! Shhh.)

I have seen some shocking before and after makeup makeovers— to the point where its hard to believe it’s the same person! But, I promise, no photoshop here— just damn good makeup! Here are some before and after looks that truly blew my mind!

15 Shocking Plastic Surgery Fails

Plastic surgery is one of my “in case of emergency” things, should my features decide to drastically rebel without informing me. For now, makeup and Spanx has me covered. Maybe in 30 years or so I will look into much greater measures to preserve my youth. Plastic surgery has definitely made waves— especially in Hollywood. There’s been some amazing work done on celebs and regular people, and I’ve taken good note of that. However, there’s also been some not-so-amazing work done that has made me more cautious about the idea of plastic surgery, and more aware of the importance of having a good surgeon. I don’t want my face to melt because I went to a fly by night doctor— that’s scary.

Don’t get excited just because a “doctor” is giving you a good deal on a few nips and tucks. If it’s cheaper than the average price and the doctor is running his clinic from a dark back alley in the bad part of town—you better run! These are the people that will most likely sell your organs to the black market if they get the opportunity. Trust me, you don’t want to be known as the person with a melted face and a missing kidney.

Here are some horrific examples of why you should take the time to find a good doctor before going under the knife. I still have a few years to think about any work that I’d like to get done, but that’s only if I fail to age gracefully.

32 Celebs Without Makeup

Putting on makeup is an art form; personally I love playing around with it— all the colors and tricks you can do to your face! My makeup skills are pretty damn good, and it only gets better when I have time on my hands. I’m actually convinced that all of my past flames got mildly startled when they first woke up beside me without my makeup on (I’m sorry for my bare face in the morning). And I’m also sorry for sleeping with my mouth open while drool is leaking out from the side.

If you’re a frequent YouTube watcher then you’ll notice the sudden boom in beauty channels; some of the products that they use may hurt your pocket (beauty is pain isn’t it?), but if you’re like me then you can always search for “dupes” (same shades and finishes but from a different and more affordable manufacturer) and get by on a budget.

As women, we are all beautiful, but even more so when our best features are enhanced with makeup… and then there are the celebrities. Go on Instagram and I’m sure you’re following a few stars who have selfies of themselves while being made up. I won’t name any names, but there are plenty of uhm, less attractive celebrities who turn into gorgeous creations of God because of the magic of a makeup artist’s brush. Maybe it’s time I look into beauty schools, because damn, makeup artists are making bank nowadays! Here are 32 celebs who look really different without makeup on than what we’re used to.