Top 50 Worst Oscar Dress Fails

“…and the Oscar goes to…” Every year the biggest names in the entertainment industry come together in Los Angeles to celebrate their talents and accomplishments over the past year at the glamorous Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. While celebrities fret over nominations and speeches, millions of people around the world tune in to see their favorite actors and actresses, directors and producers, musicians, writers and crew members take home the coveted award.

Long before the awards, however, many fans tune in to watch their favorite celebrities take the red carpet in what has become an unofficial parade of fortune, fame and vanity. As reporters ask everything from “Who are you wearing?” to “Who is your date?”, stars lush over their designer gowns and dazzling jewels as they prepare for the night of the year. But, amid all of the dazzling smiles and witty comments, the fashion world is in a whirlwind as they dedicate hours of post-Oscar television to decide who was the best dressed and who was the worst.

Though everyone wants to look like a million bucks (which is easy to do as a celeb), the best-dressed celebrities at the Oscars are often the least memorable. Ask anyone who was the best-dressed at the 1996 Oscars and, more than likely, they will draw a blank! When it comes to the worst dressed, however, that’s an entirely different story! Join us as we roll out the red carpet and take a look at the top 50 worst Oscar dress fails of all time. Who will you recognize and remember? Let’s get started!

12 Celebrities Who Went From Drab To Fab

Remember the photo of you at the age of 13 where you smiled awkwardly at the camera sporting the latest fashion trend of white washed overalls, lime green ankle socks and high top tennis shoes? Of course you remember, we all do despite wanting to forever forget those embarrassing moments of our former selves! Every generation has seen fashion trends come and go, wearing them well and tragically refusing to let go of them. From pictures of big hair and clown-like makeup, everyone has embarrassing photos they wish to forever erase from existence.

You and I are far from alone in this embarrassment. Celebrities are the biggest culprit of embarrassing moments because, for the most part, their fashion transformations occur center stage for the world to see. Through the years, some celebrities have held onto their trademark look while others have drastically changed everything about themselves from head to toe. These changes, though, are not always for the better. From bad to worse or from drab to fab, these are the celebrities we will focus on today

Which celebrities from music, film and television have undergone some of the biggest fashion transformations in their careers? We found 12 celebrities who have gone from drab to fab in a matter of years. You’ll see awful jewelry, sweaters from grandma, and cornrows as we make our way through this list. Who made the list for our 12 favorite fashion 180s? Let’s start with a singer who dressed like a tomboy, which started rumors about her gender. Just a fair warning, the bad is bad but the good makes it better. Enjoy these fashion faux pas and miracle fashion turnarounds!

10 Fashion Hacks Women Need To Know

With so many advances in technology, you’d think that everyday nuisances and annoyances would be eradicated by now. But nope, we still have a long way to go and the best we can do right now is be resourceful. Let’s be specific— fashion can be tricky. There is always a faux pas waiting to happen every time you dress fancy or organize your closet. But trust me, they can all be avoided. Even expensive attire can be flimsy and difficult to handle, which only gives us more reason to think up of ways to make our outfits last longer. Aside from washing and care instructions, there should be some sort of warning sign, like for dress shirts: “Caution, buttons might self-destruct after three wears.”

There have been moments when I’ve spent all night organizing my closet and picking the perfect outfit. Then, in the morning— my clothes have fallen off their hangers, there are loose buttons on my shirt, and one of my two dogs have already chewed on my shoes. I end up canceling my plans or being late for a date because of those little things that piled up overnight: basically, a fashion avalanche.

Good thing there are other fashionistas like us who understand our plight and share their valuable tips and hacks to improve those little frustrations we have on a daily basis. Here are some things that will make your clothes and accessories much easier to handle.