Top 20 Hottest Redheads in Hollywood

From fiery tempers and faces full of freckles to pale skin and nicknames like “ginger” and “carrot top,” redheads tend to get a bad rap when it comes to attractiveness. With less than two percent of the world with red hair, it’s no surprise that redheads are the brunt of many jokes when it comes to their locks and their looks. But, since redheads can’t get grey hair, maybe they get the last laugh after all?

While redheads are definitely unique when it comes to the United States, Hollywood in particular has taken on their fair share of these crimson haired beauties. From the legendary Lucille Ball and her iconic knack for comedy to late night funnyman Conan O’Brien and A-listers like Julianne Moore, Nicole Kidman and Michael Fassbender, celebrity redheads are far more common than you just might think.

So, out of all the beautiful redheads in Hollywood, which ones are the hottest? While beauty is in undoubtedly in the eye of the beholder, we have no doubt that you’ll agree with our picks for the top 20 hottest redheads in Hollywood. Are you ready? Let’s light the fire of these crimson haired celebs by starting with a child star whose gorgeous red locks still burn bright despite a career that has long cooled off.

Top 50 Male Celebs You Didn’t Know Had Plastic Surgery

Facelifts and implants, liposuction and nose jobs – this sounds like a checklist for Hollywood, doesn’t it? For so long, plastic surgery has been a way for celebrities to prevent the signs of aging and forever maintain their handsome good looks and girlish figures. With the demands of fame and the fact that the camera adds 10 pounds or more, we can’t blame anyone for wanting a little help after gravity starts to work overtime.

While average people often opt for plastic surgery, going under the knife for implants and tucks is almost a prerequisite for being a Hollywood star. In fact, as critics spend their time whispering about the latest Hollywood goddess’s nose job, male celebs slipped by the camera without too much attention. That is, until recently.

The high demands of looking good in Hollywood no longer only affect women. Today, many male celebs are opting for plastic surgery to help ease the pains of aging in such a harsh and critical world. From liposuction to jawline reconstructions, Hollywood’s hottest celebs are going under the knife for just about anything that may help them look hotter, sexier and yes, even younger. In fact, we found 50 male celebrities whose plastic surgery before and after photos will leave you shocked, but we’ll let you decide if these are success stories or botched jobs of epic proportions!

Photoshop Magic: 11 Celeb Photos That Weren’t So Glamorous Before They Were Air Brushed

For nearly 100 years, airbrushing has been used in the field of photography. Dating back to the days of the Soviet Union under the rule of Josef Stalin, the popularity of airbrushing has increased dramatically and is now used on a daily basis: digital images and computers with Photoshop make altering images in real time easier than ever, and ironically nobody uses it more than the fashion industry.

There has been immense backlash against publications featuring models because some say digitally altering a model’s physical appearance creates a false image of what is physically achievable (I don’t know what they mean, just look how many Brad Pitts are walking around); while there is certainly some merit to that, it hasn’t stopped magazines and websites worldwide from generating interest by featuring airbrushed models.

Some celebrities have been drastically altered without the risk of going under the knife, thanks to incredibly talented digital editors. But which celebrities have undergone the most incredible transformations? Here are the top 11 celeb photos that weren’t so glamorous before being airbrushed!

20 Most Beautiful People Of The Last Two Decades According To People Magazine

With a history spanning 40 years, People Magazine is the largest magazine publication in the United States. From growing popularity thanks to widespread distribution and an extensive fan base of dedicated readers, People highlights celebrity gossip, lifestyle stories, and personal interest articles featuring everyday people. Once a year, the hit magazine runs a special issue of the most beautiful people in the world, including the sexiest person alive. Like the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, this edition has proven to be the most popular issue as people love to look at beautiful people.

People Magazine’s most beautiful people list originated in the early 1990s and has since become the focal point of many discussions and, yes, even arguments. Celebrities secretly (and not so secretly) wish to see their names on the list while everyday people like us only dream of the achievement. While many dream of being named to the list once, the truth is that the list has been around long enough that some stars have been featured multiple times as timeless figures of beauty and grace. That’s right, not once but twice!

Who are the best looking people of the last 20 years according to People Magazine? Here’s a list of familiar faces of both new and old. Who made the list and who didn’t? Let’s start with an actress whose career was launched as a superhero or villain, all of which depended on her mood that day.

10 Weird Celebrity Diet Tricks

We all know how hard it is to lose weight and how defeated we can feel at times when the pounds don’t shed off as quickly as we would like. Though this frustration is valid, imagine the pressure that celebrities feel in having to look their best, which is often considered to also be their thinnest. Whether celebrities are standing in front of a packed auditorium or modeling in a bikini, some of the biggest stars in the world have faced the ever-present challenge of weight loss.

While cutting our calorie intake and jogging a few miles each week is usually recommended for most of us seeking to drop weight and keep it off, celebrities do not have it quite so easy. In leading roles, celebrities are often asked to provide outrageous results such as dropping 20 pounds in a single month to meet the physical requirements for a newly landed role. This need for quick results is where celebrities tend to get creative and drastic with their weird weight loss tricks.

Which celebrity diet tricks are the weirdest and how well did they work? Not only are these tricks considered very strange, they are also highly criticized by medical professionals for good reason. Obviously, reducing your calories and exercise will not bring normal folks down to a size zero in a matter of weeks, so try your best to avoid any of these tricks and stick with a healthy routine. Trust us as these tricks are purely for entertainment purposes only. How strange are they? Let’s get started!

10 Bizarre Celebrity Eating Habits

When we see photos of celebrities looking their best, we tend to get a bit jealous of their amazing physique. It’s no surprise that some of the most famous people in the world keep trim bodies for the public eye, but they don’t use the same tried and true methods of losing weight like the rest of us. Instead, some celebs venture on amore untraveled route, and attempt crazy dieting techniques that were suggested to them.

Some of these diets sound ridiculous, and like they would have no chance of working, but eerily enough the results speak for themselves. The diets aren’t all the same either, some include eating only a single unusual item over and over again, while others don’t allow these celebs to eat at all. It seems like if a diet suggested cannibalism, at least one cooky celeb would try and become the next Hannibal Lecter.

You certainly shouldn’t try an extreme diet without consulting a doctor, because a lot of them are as far from healthy as imaginable. Cutting calories and exercise will work just fine for you, but many people don’t want to put in the heavy amounts of time and effort involved. Here are the 10 craziest diets that break away from the norm, and the 10 celebrities that stand by them; some aren’t looking for weight loss, they just have some odd eating habits.

12 Celebs Who Have Their Own Beauty Lines

Having projects on the side that allow us to pursue our passions and talents is fairly common. However, more often than not, we do not quite have the popularity or social prominence to become the spokesperson for our own brand of products or services. For celebrities, on the other hand, this is far from the case as they can pursue both their careers and their passion projects without the fear of losing time or money.

One of the biggest passion projects for most Hollywood celebrities involves makeup. Since all celebrities are constantly worried about their beautiful looks both on and off the silver screen and red carpets, makeup is a surefire way to engage fellow industry stars. Who doesn’t want to look their best among other A-list celebs?

As women all know, finding the perfect makeup can be extremely difficult, often becoming a chore and hassle. While most women have to suffer through the search, celebrities can afford to make their own solution. With money at their fingertips, celebrities employ some of the top consultants to create and design makeup lines that work for them, many of which have become great success stories in the consumer market.

Which makeup lines have been successfully launched by leading Hollywood ladies? Here’s our list of 12 makeup lines that stand out among the rest because of their success and their history. Some of these leading ladies wanted to help the environment while others wanted to pay tribute to family members. Who made the list and what are their brands? Let’s start our list of 12 with a young singer who is well in control of one of the industry’s leading companies.

12 Celebrities Who Went From Drab To Fab

Remember the photo of you at the age of 13 where you smiled awkwardly at the camera sporting the latest fashion trend of white washed overalls, lime green ankle socks and high top tennis shoes? Of course you remember, we all do despite wanting to forever forget those embarrassing moments of our former selves! Every generation has seen fashion trends come and go, wearing them well and tragically refusing to let go of them. From pictures of big hair and clown-like makeup, everyone has embarrassing photos they wish to forever erase from existence.

You and I are far from alone in this embarrassment. Celebrities are the biggest culprit of embarrassing moments because, for the most part, their fashion transformations occur center stage for the world to see. Through the years, some celebrities have held onto their trademark look while others have drastically changed everything about themselves from head to toe. These changes, though, are not always for the better. From bad to worse or from drab to fab, these are the celebrities we will focus on today

Which celebrities from music, film and television have undergone some of the biggest fashion transformations in their careers? We found 12 celebrities who have gone from drab to fab in a matter of years. You’ll see awful jewelry, sweaters from grandma, and cornrows as we make our way through this list. Who made the list for our 12 favorite fashion 180s? Let’s start with a singer who dressed like a tomboy, which started rumors about her gender. Just a fair warning, the bad is bad but the good makes it better. Enjoy these fashion faux pas and miracle fashion turnarounds!

10 Of The Weirdest Spa Treatments

It is no secret, whether you are a leading corporate lawyer, fashion designer, celebrity, elementary school teacher or a parent with three kids, we all want to look our best. For relaxation and rejuvenation, many of us head to the spa for specialized skin treatments to help bring out that healthy and natural glow that is consistently dimmed by the chaos and stress of everyday life. Most of the time, these treatments include cucumbers placed on the eyes, facials, massages and saunas, right? While these are generally beneficial and affordable, there are a few spa-goers who like to do things a bit differently.

If you are in the market to spend big bucks on a wacky adventure at the spa, we have found 10 of the weirdest spa treatments. Do you have money to spend and time to kill? Some of the treatments on our list range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and are considered to be practices that are centuries old, causing many faithful practitioners to swear by them! But, just because something is old does not mean that it works, which is probably why the world has since upgraded from carriages and buggies to automobiles. Welcome to the modern world, ladies and gentlemen.

So what are the weirdest spa treatments and who swears by them? Here’s our wackiest top 10 list where you will find animals and animal parts that will no doubt leave you wondering why anyone would pay mega-bucks for such slimy and gooey treatments! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

10 Eras Of Beauty: How Our Perception Of Beauty Has Changed Over Time

Did you know that just because you are a beautiful blonde size 2 today does not mean that you would be considered beautiful in times past? Much like fashion trends, the perception of beauty has consistently changed over the course of centuries, sometimes for the better, and unfortunately, sometimes for the worse. One thing, however, that will never change is the fact that we will all strive to fit in with what is considered attractive as this is part of human nature.

The art of fitting in has changed drastically from one decade to the next. Don’t believe us? Think back to a time when MC Hammer pants and mullets were all the rage. Trends change for a variety of reasons, most of which leave us looking back at our former selves with laughter. What exactly were we thinking with that floral pantsuit or sequined leotard?

Changes in beauty can be dramatic over time. How has the perception of beauty changed over the past 60 years? How has it changed over the past 600 years? Thanks to a lack of art to depict people’s fashion and features, there is little known about fashion prior to the Renaissance Era. However, we do know what has happened with trends ever since. Here’s a look at 10 ways our perception of beauty has changed over time starting with an era where plump was en vogue.