24 Of The Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails

The camera does not lie: it does not care whether you are astoundingly beautiful or as ugly as an ogre; it doesn’t care whether you have purple hair or freckled skin. Cameras don’t discriminate, and as a result there will be times when it catches you at your very best or your absolute worst. From weird angles to harsh lighting, there are plenty of factors that can cause a photo to turn out downright awful: no one is immune to the massive power of the camera lens! Whether you are a Hollywood A-lister or just a regular “Joe,” everyone has taken a terrible photo in their lifetime (heck I take one almost every week). From awkward group shops to the notorious selfie, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to ruining pictures is having absolutely horrendous makeup.. Because celebrities have makeup artists and a team of stylists you would think that they would be the exception to the rule, but when a makeup disaster strikes a celeb it will be plastered all over the web for everyone to see. Bad photos simply cannot be avoided even with a team of professionals behind you. But which celebrities have had the biggest makeup fails in recent years? We found 24 whose makeup nearly broke the camera. With photos hailing from the red carpet all the way to the courtroom, celebs have created absolute makeup mayhem. How many of your favorite celebs are on the list?

10 Celebs Who Have Aged Amazingly Well

Father Time does not discriminate. Log onto Facebook and you can see that everyone from your past has aged either subtly or dramatically, gracefully or painstakingly. In fact, consider high school reunions of times past when the greatest excitement was to reconnect with “old” friends to see whose looks remained or whose looks changed, who sported a beer gut or who lost the baby weight. Aging is inevitable and the internet and social media only make it more noticeable as people can more readily see the progression of time.

Celebrities face the reality of aging in the limelight as magazines and websites make money by posting unflattering pictures and rumors of wrinkles and plastic surgery. While some celebrities fear gray hair and laugh lines, others seem to be immune (or carefree) to the signs of time. These seemingly ageless celebrities are often ignored by tabloids because they lack gossip surrounding horrible beach bodies and tummy tucks, nose jobs or weight loss, but it is long overdue to give them praise for their beauty and grace.

Which celebrities defy the odds and the laws of time to keep themselves looking top notch in their later years? We found 10 beautiful celebrities far past their prime whose looks outrank some of the most beautiful people in the world. Here’s our list, starting with an actor whose multiple advertising personas has ignited viral humor and countless spoofs.

8 Of The Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

Where you do buy your makeup? Do you spend countless hours perusing the aisles of retail giants like Sephora or Ulta? Do you pick up the basic necessities while shopping for groceries or at the nearest dollar store where a year’s supply can cost less than $20?

While most of us head over to department stores or retailers to save both time and money on beauty essentials, those living life in the fast lane are able to spend top dollar on beauty products without thinking twice about the price tag. If you gasp at spending $100 on foundation, you will be shocked to learn that $100 is literally mere pennies when it comes to some of the most expensive beauty products in the world. In fact, these products are a far cry from what we see in department stores and specialty boutiques!

Do these makeups or perfumes do anything different than their less expensive counterparts? Surprisingly enough, the answer is “no” as these products are essentially the same apart from their prices. So if these products do the exact same thing, why spend the extra money? Many find that paying top dollar for these makeups is not about the price tag but about the luxury of having these makeups. In other words, a woman who has these brands in her drawer solidifies her place in an elite club characterized by luxury and lavishness.

What are the most expensive beauty products in the world and why are their price tags so high? Here are the eight most expensive products available that prove that the products themselves are not nearly as impressive as their presentation and packaging. Let’s start the list with an oil made of gold.

10 Celebs You Had No Idea Went Under The Knife

With celebrities living under the public’s spotlight 24 hours a day, it can be hard to hide even the smallest blemish on your body. These days it seems that people notice even a single pound of weight gain, and start to question you about it almost immediately; it can be a little mind numbing to say the least, and perhaps that’s why some celebrities have ditched the spotlight entirely.

Celebrities have been known to undergo cosmetic surgery with the intention to give their careers a boost, by helping them look better and younger as they age. Surgery has helped to prolong careers, but the changes are usually not so subtle, and a lot of the public will point out the discrepancies almost immediately.

Not all celebrities have gained a ton of publicity for going under the knife, some were able to either have it done early enough in their careers where they weren’t watched so heavily, and with others the difference was subtle enough to not be noticed. Here are 10 celebrities that have had plastic surgery that flew right under the radar.

10 Celebrities That Went From Hot To Not

Are you aging gracefully or are you trying to avoid it all costs? As we mentioned before, time does not discriminate and looks tend to fade (if you had them to begin with, of course; some of us are not that lucky). Some people are lucky and age with beauty and grace while others age kicking and screaming, trying to forever grasp their youthfulness. Between weight gain and signs of premature aging, hair loss or sagging skin, these are all a part of getting older. Whether we accept the realty or not, is entirely by choice.

While most of us complain about aging, can you imagine how it feels to age under the glaring lights of Hollywood? For big name celebrities, the aging process can be depressing and devastating as their careers have been based not only on their talent but primarily on their looks and youth: their appeal and beauty. From tabloid stories of sagging bottoms to rumors of chin implants and face lifts, Hollywood celebrities have a tough road ahead as the signs of aging are often impossible to avoid.

Some celebrity A-listers have enlisted nutritionists, personal trainers and even plastic surgeons to ward off time, but unfortunately, these tricks do not always work if the regime is last minute. Others have given up aging gracefully altogether, becoming resolute in the fact that their looks are changing. These are the celebrities of choice today; those who have fallen the hardest from grace. We found 10 celebrities who have drastically gone from “Hot to Not,” often leading us to wonder why they stopped caring about their looks. Who made our list and what do you think? Let’s start with one of the greatest fashion moguls in the industry.

10 Celebs That Looked Completely Different Before They Were Famous

Have you ever bumped into someone years after high school and discovered that they looked completely different? After high school we spend so much time focusing on life that when we finally reconnect with people they have changed so much it’s almost unrecognizable. It’s an odd experience for sure, but it happens to a lot of people. Even the celebrities we know and love today look completely different from when they tried to make their fame; it would be hard to be a superstar if you still looked like you did as an awkward high schooler.

A lot of us were victims to popular fashion trends that look ridiculous today, but at the time we were just trying to fit in. If you grew up in the 1980’s or 1990’s you all too well how silly fashion could be, between choker necklaces, big glasses, and fanny packs, we all looked a little goofy. Celebs are no exception in their dark fashion past, and have transformed themselves from nerdy kids into the good looking stars we know and love.

But which celebrities have undergone the biggest transformations from their younger pre-fame days to their current glamorous look? Some of the transformations are absolutely shocking, and might give you a little inspiration if you want to change the way you look: there’s still time! Here are 10 celebrities that looked completely different before they were famous.

10 Most Popular Fad Diets That Actually Work

Do you remember the grapefruit diet? How about the cabbage soup diet? Fad diets are huge money makers in today’s society. Diet companies often hire on celebrity spokespeople who claim that they tried every other diet on the market with little success, until this one, and credit the diet with their weight loss milestones. While their testaments may or may not be true, diet companies love when celebrity spokespeople speak highly of their products, as consumers flock to stores and empty the shelves.

With so many fad diets now, do you know which ones can you can trust? We found 10 of the most popular fad diets that actually have a proven history of success. Because the success of any diet is dependent on the person and the efforts made, we know that listing the worst diet fads is not beneficial to anyone. Without further ado, lets find out what fad diets actually work.

8 Ways To Look Good Without Makeup

Does your morning routine make you feel like you’re racing against the clock? Do you finish putting your mascara on while waiting at a red light? Like the rest of us, you probably dream of mornings that leave you with plenty of time to put on your makeup to perfection. Rest assured, you can skip the makeup and still look like a total knockout with beautiful and vibrant skin.

The skin care industry has made billions from products like toners, moisturizers, lotions, serums and exfoliants, all of which promise radiant and youthful-looking skin. There are, however, plenty of ways to take care of your skin at home without having to spend a lot of money.

Beauty routines can be difficult to start and even harder to maintain over time. What can you do to look good without makeup? Here are eight ways to get radiant skin when your morning routine doesn’t allow you enough time to fully apply your makeup. Let’s start with a simple technique that too many people forget to do.

8 Tricks To Make Yourself Look Thinner

Summer is just a few months away, and swimsuits will soon take center stage at most retail stores. How many of us have tried dieting to shed some of that winter weight for the sake of looking great this summer? How many of our diets have been successful and how many have failed? Dieting is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Even with diet and exercise, the pounds often don’t come off as quickly as we’d like. The dieting industry makes a lot of money off of those who want to look thinner and fast. Sure, expensive quick fixes can sometimes work, but they are far from being the only option available. There are plenty of ways to look 10 to 15 pounds thinner in a matter of days, even a couple of hours. How is that possible?

We found eight tricks to make yourself look thinner, without having to lose weight. What are these magical ways and how can they make you look like you’ve really shed the pounds? Here’s our list starting with the hair on the top of your head as a surefire way to make your face and figure appear slimmer.

8 Tricks To Look Good In Photos

With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, who doesn’t want to look good in photos? How many times have you struck a pose, believing that it would be flattering, only to be disappointed with the result? Everyone has fallen victim to the horrible selfie, the awkward group shot, or the uncomfortable prom pose. We have all been there and done that.

Bad photos spread like wildfire online, leaving others to cheer you up with well-intended compliments like, “I kind of like your hair frizzy.” The truth of the matter is, the picture is horrible and regardless of how many times you post “Please delete this!”, it is far too late— too many people have already seen the shared pic.

How can you avoid the ever-looming threat of a bad photo? How can you enjoy an evening out with friends without having to worry about whether or not the picture they took made you look like an ogre? We found eight tricks to look your best without having to put forth much effort. We cover everything from working the right angles to avoiding certain beverages that can potentially ruin your picture. Let’s start with a simple body gesture that can make a huge difference.