Tyra Banks

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Tyra-BanksIt’s hard to keep a job as a model for more than a couple of years when the industry heavily values a youthful appearance, but Tyra Banks has defeated the odds by making her career last for more than two decades. Banks has reached the pinnacle of modeling by appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue not once, but twice! Banks also drew in a lot of new eyes as the host of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Bank’s has been a big advocate of making appearances without makeup to illustrate what the fashion industry does to models’ images; an example of these changes is this photo, which features Banks with smoothed skin around her eyes, and a complete change in eye color from brown to hazel.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth-PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow had already been trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood for five years before she was cast in the film “Se7en.” Just a couple of years later, Paltrow was given the lead role in “Shakespeare in Love,” which netted her an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1998. Paltrow has appeared in countless other films since then, with roles in comedies, romantic movies, dramas and even superhero action films.

Paltrow might not have won the award if she looked like her character in “Shallow Hal,” but she finally won the prized most beautiful award in 2013 after years of patiently waiting. The award came during her span of playing the same leading lady and “Iron Man” based character, Pepper Potts for two straight films in her career. Unfortunately, the follow up to receiving the award was “Mortdecai,” which is on its way to being the biggest movie flop of 2015.

“Les Miserables” Diet, Anne Hathaway

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Les-Miserables-Diet-Anne-Hathaway“Les Miserables” is a pretty depressing movie where the majority of the characters are starving, dying, or both. Anne Hathaway happened to play one of those characters, Fantine, who faced both of those problems. To look the part of a starving person, Hathaway had to starve herself and shed 15 pounds from her already slender frame. Hathaway did eat during the process, but not enough to be considered anywhere in the same zip code as healthy.

Hathaway ate a total of two squares of oatmeal paste each day. That’s it, just oatmeal paste. Oatmeal is what you eat for breakfast when your cupboards are completely bare and you are desperate. But, it is also what Hathaway considered a full meal for a few weeks. It worked, as Hathaway looked the part, but she would definitely not suggest it to anyone who has a sane mind in their heads. As a matter of fact, none of these diets are suggested for the general public.

Carrots, Tomatoes & Fish, Petra Nemcova

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Petra-NemcovaPetra Nemcova is a model and television host from the Czech Republic. When you make a career in modeling maintaining the perfect body is nearly essential, but can be tough once you start to hit the other side of 30 years old. Nemcova has been able to battle weight gain and maintain her long career by using a particularly strange diet.

Nemcova swears that she only eats a handful of foods, and they basically include what you would find in a salad: carrots, tomatoes, and fish; at one point Nemcova had so much Vitamin A in her body that her hands started to turn another color. If your skin starts to change color, you might want to go back to eating regularly.

Jwoww, Daily Beauty Maintenance Complete Facial Regime

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JWowwJennifer Farley (better known by her ‘Guidette’ name of JWoww) grew up in New York and is a lot smarter than she leads fans to believe from her roles on television. Farley was once the owner of a graphic design company, and was later selected to star on the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.” The show had millions of viewers and started the popular trend of everyone searching through their family history to see if they had any trace of Italian heritage.

While someone who was on a show like “Jersey Shore” might not be the first person you go to for makeup advice, that has not stopped JWoww from coming out with a successful line of cosmetics. The name of the products are part of JWoww skincare that includes moisturizers and creams to keep you looking young. It wouldn’t be “Jersey Shore” without the T in GTL (tanning), but don’t worry, JWoww has products in that department, too.

Justin Timberlake

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Justin-TimberlakeEarlier in the list, we pointed out that Christina Aguilera was on “Star Search” and “The Mickey Mouse Club”. Justin Timberlake’s career history is exactly the same, but he did not launch as a solo artist as early as Christina. Timberlake joined the boy band NSYNC, which was one of the hottest acts in music during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Timberlake went solo and is now one of the highest grossing music acts, as well as a successful actor with roles in movies such as “In Time” and “The Social Network.”

There is no doubt that Justin Timberlake is now a style icon. Heck, Timberlake even has a song called “Suit and Tie” to show off how well he dresses. There were two phases before that, though, with the first being the weird ramen noodle haircut phase during his time with NSYNC. The second phase is when he went solo and wore ill-fitting suits that were way too big for his lean and lanky frame. After over a decade, Timberlake finally has the look down.

Vampire Facial

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Vampire-FacialAt first, the Vampire facial may sound just like the leech treatment, except with a human instead of a leech. This is definitely not what happens here, as you are actually using your own blood to help other parts of your body. The origin of the practice is unknown, but in the beauty obsessed city of Miami, Florida, it is very popular, where even Kim Kardashian gave it a try. During the Vampire facial, blood is taken out of your arm through an IV and is then separated from the plasma.

The blood that is left over could go toward saving lives, but this $1,500 treatment adds Juvederm to your blood, which then gets shot back into your face. This is not just one big injection straight into the forehead, but there are multiple spots where the blood is dispersed. Why? The Juvederm-filled blood is supposed to rejuvenate the skin. Of course, while rejuvenating your skin, it also leaves you looking like you just got into a street fight with a gang of knives.

#1 – The New Millennium

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New-MillenniumWe can say that the trends of today are completely normal but, to be honest, we are already laughing about what we thought was trendy in the 1990’s and that seems like it was just yesterday. The pressure to look thin is still around and people continue to take it to dangerous measures as plastic surgery has become more common than ever. It still hasn’t been perfected, though, so the results can look terrible if done in the wrong way.

But what is the biggest trend in fashion today? It’s hard to say as everyone has taken a very unique approach to their fashion. Thanks to social media and a way of showing what we dress like, there is no universal way to look or dress. No matter what you want to do to yourself, there is a tutorial you can find online. This means that we are slowly starting to see the death of ‘fashion trends.’ We’ll see what the next decade looks like, but we’re sure it will be different.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina-JolieAngelina Jolie started acting as a child with her father, Jon Voight, in 1982. She then took a nine year break until she was old enough to return to the silver screen. Ever since the early 1990’s, Jolie’s acting ability and Hollywood stardom has grown larger and larger. After multiple hit movies and award nominations (including a win for Best Supporting Actress), Jolie is now the highest paid female actress in Hollywood.

While Jolie did have an odd phase while married to Billy Bob Thornton, she had the worst makeup mishap of all time most recently during her current phase as a symbol of high class and composure. Jolie arrived at a movie premiere with white splotches all over her face, including her forehead. Jolie’s makeup powder was way too loose and, because of this, the flashbulbs made her look like she was turning into a ghost. Which is, not even on Jolie, a flattering sight.

Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert-Downey-JrIf there were a dictionary term for Roller Coaster Acting Career, it would likely include a picture of Robert Downey Jr. next to it. Downey started getting big work in the 1980’s as a member of the ‘Brat Pack’ and was nominated for an Academy Award for “Chaplin” in 1992. Downey then went on a long streak of not having any hit movies, during which time he checked into rehab for substance abuse problems. Downey’s big comeback path really kicked off with “Iron Man,” in which many people said he was perfect for the role.

There was a time where Robert Downey Jr. looked like he was too strung out and sloppy to form a complete sentence. Thankfully, those days are gone and we are left with someone who looks a lot younger than they probably should after leading such a hard life. Still an action star, it’s surprising to many people that Downey will be 50 years old in April of this year. This means that, technically, Iron Man will be a senior citizen, but that’s OK with us.