#1 – H. Couture Beauty Mascara ($14 Million)

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H-Couture-Beauty-MascaraTaysha Smith Valez made over a billion dollars at a very young age by designing her own line of beauty products. When she was just 24 years old, Valez wanted to kick the beauty world up a few thousand notches and created the H. Couture line that specialized in outrageously expensive makeups. Because spending millions on beauty products is obviously a little too over the top, H. Couture is already defunct as even the wealthiest of celebrities decided for less expensive alternatives.

The mascara that came in the actual tube wasn’t anything to write home about as it was just another form of the makeup. The $14 million price tag was reflective of the tube that featured 1,000 of the finest Swarovski crystals, 2,500 blue diamonds, and an 18 carat gold tubing. While the price and design seems ridiculous, at least H. Couture refilled the mascara when it was empty: allowing you to reuse the tube! People usually pay $10 at most for mascara but having the chance to flaunt Swarovski crystals and blue diamonds, well that’s instantly much cooler.

Jane Seymour

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Jane-SeymourAt 21 years old Jane Seymour came from England and achieved fame almost overnight when she appeared in the James Bond film “Live and Let Die;” there have been plenty of other big roles for Seymour over the years that include “Somewhere in Time,” “East of Eden,” and the comedy “Wedding Crashers.” Seymour was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire back in 2000: a title she has said brings her a great deal of pride.

Jane Seymour is in her 60’s now, but looks fantastic nonetheless; she admitted that part of her good looks are a direct response to her growing list of cosmetic surgeries undergone throughout the years. Not only has Seymour had a couple of breast enhancement surgeries, but she received an eye lift and multiple Botox injections as well. It’s hard to look good when you’re 65 years old, but she’s pulling it off spectacularly, because even after all this time we want to see-more Jane.

Jon Favreau

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Jon-FavreauJon Favreau seemingly went in and out of school for nearly a decade before finally deciding to hang up his education for an acting career. Favreau finally got his first movie role in “Rudy” as the friend of the titular character and started to build his career with roles in “Seinfeld” and “Friends.” Favreau’s first leading role was in the self-directed “Swingers” with Vince Vaughn, and he has since been directing films that include “Iron Man” and “Elf.”

When Jon Favreau was in “Rudy,” he played the schlubby friend, but ended up looking incredibly sharp in “Swingers.” Even in his run of sitcoms in the 1990’s, Favreau was a pretty good looking dude, but his looks have somehow not quite held up now that he spends most of his time off-camera. Favreau looks more like a stepfather that only knows how to bond with you when talking about football or automobiles, which seems a bit out of place for the director of “Iron Man.”

Ben Affleck

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Ben-AffleckIn Hollywood the 42-year-old Ben Affleck has done it all. Starting as a deadpan comic actor, and making his way to an award winning director, Affleck has two Oscars to his name and three Golden Globe Awards. Affleck has an immense amount of experience both in front of and behind the camera, proving time and time again that he can produce exceptional quality. Ben was selected to play Batman in the upcoming Batman and Superman crossover flick, and has comic fans and casual viewers equally excited.

If you’ve seen Affleck’s early film roles, you would know that he usually played a pompous upper-crust guy that had far better hair than anyone else; The crazy reality is that years later that’s exactly what he looked like growing up. Affleck had a look that made it clear he was going to be a star, and it turned out he was right: how do you like them apples?

Flat Belly Diet

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Flat-Belly-Diet-ImageAccording to the Flat Belly Diet, you will be able to lose 15 pounds in your first month and keep off the extra weight from your midsection. A lot of the weight around your stomach right now is the cause of bloating. With this in mind, the first few days of the Flat Belly Diet will help to get rid of some of that discomfort. This initial phase only allows you to drink water and consume 1,200 calories per day in equal small meals.

After the initial phase is completed and your bloating has been reduced, you then switch to a diet that is highly concentrated in monounsaturated fats, which includes foods such as nuts and olive oil. You can still eat meat on the Flat Belly Diet, but you better have a taste for seafood as fish is a big part of the meal plan. Vegetarians will love this one, as vegetables, fruits and grains are also a huge recommendation for success.

Get Rid Of Pimples

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Get-Rid-Of-Pimples-ImageEarlier, we told you that you should never pop pimples, but they still need to be taken care of in order for you to look good without makeup, right? The best way to get rid of zits is by opening up your pores and treating the nasty bacteria that has been sitting on your face, which caused the pimples in the first place.

Moisturizers are a proven and effective way to open up your pores. Some of these creams contain benzoyl peroxide, which specifically treats pimples. It will eliminate the bacteria that forms the pimples, and leave your skin looking healthy and vibrant. Sometimes, pimples can be a little too pesky and require more attention; don’t be afraid to visit your doctor for antibiotics if the problem persists.

If you follow all of these tips, you will look damn good, with or without makeup.

Face-Lift Tape

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Neck-Tape-ImageIf you want to know how some actresses in their 40’s look younger than women in their 30’s, it is because of a little secret known as face-lift tape. Most people have never heard of face-lift tape, and those who have are apprehensive about it because they think that the tape will be visible. We have great news! The best face-lift tape is invisible and can easily be hidden under the hair on the back of your head.

Face-lift tape tightens the excess skin that forms around your jawline; which really accentuates the bones on your face. Whenever you are in front of the camera, double chins and excess skin are faux paus, which is why so many celebs use face-lift tape to avoid embarrassment. If face-lift tape is good enough for the A-Listers in Hollywood, then it should be good enough for you too.

Don’t Take Drunk Photos

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Dont-Take-Drunk-PhotosRemember those times when you have gone through your phone after a fun night out and ended up deleting most of the photos because you looked way too intoxicated? It is high time that you take a lesson from that and avoid these pictures altogether. Having a drink or two can keep you loose without looking like you are too drunk to function, but make sure that you only take those photos during the first two drinks. Anything after the first two drinks and you might as well reserve a special deleted photo file for the rest of the night.

Other bad photos occur when people drink wine and decide to take a selfie or a group shot. After a few glasses of red wine, not only will you look sloshed for all of your photos, but you will also be rocking the dreaded red teeth. If your greatest goal is to have a picture front and center in the Hall of Shame, our best suggestion is to keep on drinking and smiling because that’s most likely where your next photo is headed.

Follow all of these tips to look like a star in any picture.

There’s Always The Shoes

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Theres-Always-The-Shoes-ImageFemales obviously have the advantage here, as heels can instantly make them look taller. If a woman wears heels in a neutral color that matches her outfit, it will make her legs appear even longer. Of course, guys do not typically wear heels, but there is no need to worry; there are other options.

There are elevator shoes available for men. These shoes have a thicker sole, which adds an inch or two to the wearer’s height without looking too obvious. However, wearing elevator shoes around people who know you well and see you often can be fairly obvious. These shoes are more ideal for when you are going out on the town or traveling, where people don’t know you and won’t recognize the difference in your height.

By following these tips, you can look taller in no time!

No Knot Braided Bun

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No-Knot-Braided-BunThe final hairstyle we’re going to show you is one where you can get a bun without tying knots. Starting is easy enough as all you have to do is put your hair into a ponytail and position it where you want your bun to sit. Braid your ponytail and secure with a clear elastic band. Pull your braid up and pin it to the top of your head above the elastic. Then, roll the end of your braid inward and pin it under the elastic.

There might be some loose strands of hair, since there is no knot. So, pin any loose strands into your braid if you don’t want your bun to look too messy. Finish off this style with a little bit of hairspray. That’s all you need to do.