#1 – 15 Amazing Plastic Surgery Makeovers

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15A lot of improvements were made to this patient’s face, all thanks to a good plastic surgeon. This woman went from looking like someone’s grandmother to mother. We all know that wrinkles make a person look years older, and shockingly, this patient now has none. There are hardly any signs of aging around her eyes, and her neck and jaw lines are completely smooth.

In her before picture, her top lip was much narrower and hardly noticeable, but in her after picture, you can clearly see a more defined and fuller lip. You can also see that her nose went through some changes. Can you imagine if your grandmother showed up like this at your next family gathering? You would probably have to ask her for some identification just to make sure that she really was your grandma.

These 15 pictures are signs of what plastic surgery can do when it’s done the right way. See, we told you no one would end up looking like a squirrel!

Get Rid Of A Hickey With A Frozen Spoon

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Get-Rid-Of-A-Hickey-With-A-Frozen-SpoonA hickey can be one of the hardest things to cover up. Thanks to the spoon, you can lighten up a hickey to the point where makeup will cover it up nicely. We’re going to do the same thing that we did to get rid of the bags under your eyes, which means that we’re heading back to the freezer.

Leaving your spoon in the freezer overnight will do the trick, but if you don’t have that much time to spare, an hour should do. Place the back of the spoon on the ‘problem area’ and leave it there for about a minute. This method works on both hickeys and bruises. It helps get rid of the buildup of blood, making the area look a lot lighter. This trick can save you from a lot of embarrassment.

Cleans Urinary Tract

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Cleaner-Urinary-TractUrinary Tract Infections (also known as UTI’s) occur when a buildup of toxins enter the urinary tract, especially in the kidneys. Drinking lemon water will help flush out the urinary tract of these toxins to achieve a healthy flow. In drinking lemon water, you will get the added benefit of a normal pH balance, which helps keep bacteria out of your urinary tract and prevents further infections.

A lot of people frequently suffer from Urinary Tract Infections, but just one or two glasses of lemon water each day will help prevent them from occurring as often. Being sick only adds stress to your life by disrupting your routine and your sleep. Why add stress to your life? Drink lemon water.


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CoffeeYou shouldn’t add cream and sugar to your coffee. Just like we suggested as an alternative to frozen coffee, keep your coffee black. Research has shown that those that consume multiple cups of coffee (with cream and sugar in it) each day are opening themselves up for health risks that include high blood pressure and an overabundance of insulin.

An increase in your insulin level means that your body will retain fat, which leads to further weight gain. If you can stick to one cup of black coffee each morning, you won’t have any problems (outside of the occasional digestive system flush). The more natural your coffee, the better.

Vitamin E Oil

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Vitamin-E-OilWhen hair doesn’t grow in certain spots, it’s not just because of a lack of protein, but also from a lack of blood flow. Your blood flow can be stopped by what is known as free radicals, but a little Vitamin E oil can fix you right back up. The anti-oxidizing properties of Vitamin E oil knocks the free radicals away and helps to clean your scalp, setting up a much better base for hair growth.

Vitamin E oil can be found at your local supermarket, and requires no mixing. Just take the oil and rub it into your scalp before you hit the hay, then wash it out the next morning. Pretty much right away your hair will be looking fuller and softer.


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StrawberryThe final home remedy on our list for sagging skin is none other than one of the most delicious fruits on Earth, strawberries. You might know about the health benefits of eating strawberries, but not a lot of people know about the wonders it can do for skin. Since strawberries are a big time antioxidant and filled with vitamin C, they can help you both inside and out. The acids found in strawberries are what can help your skin look younger.

To use strawberries on your skin, take three of the juiciest ones you can find and mash them up until they’re unrecognizable. Take two teaspoons of honey (and an equal amount of yogurt) and mix them in a bowl until you get a delicious paste. Leave it on your skin for a 5 or 6 minutes and then rinse. You can do this once a day, although it might be a bit expensive if strawberries are not in season at the time.

Green Tea

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Green-TeaGreen tea was discovered around 4,000 years ago, but people outside of Asia haven’t realized the benefits until fairly recently. These days, you will see a lot of people drinking green tea because of the wonders it can do for your body. It’s hard to pronounce a lot of the things inside of green tea, but know that the chemicals it contains are responsible for a lot of good things and they are all natural.

The main benefit from drinking green tea is the amount of energy that gets released from your body’s glucose and glycogen, which helps to increase your metabolism. The fatty acids in green tea also help your heart and give you a natural boost than any cup of coffee can provide. The best part is that drinking green tea leads to almost zero calories, which makes it one of the most beneficial things you can put in your body. Outside of water, green tea is the best liquid you can ingest if you’re trying to burn fat.

Trail Mix

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Trail-MixYou are probably thinking right now, “Didn’t you say that nuts were good for you earlier?” That is a fair question, and yes, nuts are good for you. However, we said a handful of nuts would be a good snack for natural energy. Trail mix does not qualify as a handful of nuts. That’s because instead of just some almonds, you also get candy and dried raisins that can quickly make you go up a size or two.

Trail mix gets a lot of hype for being a snack that can give you the unlimited energy you need to tackle mountains and bike up 80 degree hills, but you probably aren’t doing those types of activities right now. If a bag of trail mix is the only thing available for you to eat, pick out a few of the almonds and peanuts inside. In no way will M&M’s help you get a fit bod.

So now that you know what to avoid, stick with natural things and get the beach body you’ve always wanted!

Mariah Carey

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Mariah-CareyMariah Carey is the best-selling female vocalist of all-time who still has a long career ahead of her. Carey’s career has had some ups and downs, with numerous smash hits and an appearance in the movie “Glitter” which bombed pretty hard at the box office. Still, she is worth more than half a billion dollars.

Mariah had her eyebrows lightened a few years ago and they were plucked so much that they looked barely there. It wasn’t a good fit, so she has since changed her brows for the better. Carey still has fairly thin eyebrows, but you can actually see them now, in the perfect color to go with her hair and skin tone.

Tori Spelling

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Tori-SpellingA lot of people think that Tori Spelling only got into acting because her father was the late TV producer Aaron Spelling. Those people might be correct, but Tori has made a lot of money from acting and reality TV to go along with a nice inheritance. Tori got her first major role on “Beverly Hills, 90210”, is now married to Dean McDermott, and is the mother of four children.

Tori Spelling looks like she has undergone about 30 plastic surgeries over the last couple of decades, trying hard not to look like her dad. Honestly, in younger photos, she looks like Aaron Spelling so much that it is creepy. The only surgery that Spelling admits to is the nose job, which narrowed and raised her nose to a more normal level. She won’t confess to the other 29.