Janet Jackson

We hadn’t heard from Janet Jackson in quite some time before 2007, when she emerged into the public looking much larger than before. The younger sister of Michael Jackson was almost unrecognizable. Once pictures of Janet’s weight gain made their rounds on the internet, she knew she had to do something, but she didn’t get too dramatic about it.

Instead of opting for surgery or anything dangerous, Janet stated that she cut junk food out of her diet, with the exception of caramel apples. We don’t know exactly how much weight she lost, due in large part to the fact that Janet doesn’t weigh herself. Still, the weight loss was very noticeable and the star has kept it off after that one brief period where she appeared to double in size.

#1 – 20 Amazing Before & After Makeup Makeovers

1All too often, I used to wake up with a red face. It was caused by a lot of things, but I only had one solution: primers. Now, when you first see primers at a store, you might get confused by all of the colors— there’s actually green and purple. Ask a beauty consultant to help you out. These “weird” colors actually cancel out some of the redness or paleness of your skin. You can find primers for sallow-looking skin, blemished skin, etc. Any skin issue that you have, there’s almost always a primer that can help balance things out without suffocating your skin.

A primer was used for this woman’s face in order to cancel out the redness of her skin. Contouring was also used to bring out her cheekbones and slender her nose. A good smoky eye gave depth to her eyes and pulled in more focus towards her face.

#1 – Hang Mioku

Hang-MiokuThis one made me speechless and sad at the same time. Hang Mioku was a once a beautiful Korean model. Hang was obsessed with having soft skin, so much so that she became addicted to silicone injections. When her doctors refused to give her anymore of them, she tried injecting cooking oil and silicone from the black market into her face. Well, her doctors were the good kind—because they were starting to get concerned after they’ve noticed that he face got enlarged after the injections.

This left her permanently disfigured. Despite the many corrective surgeries, Hang still has a very scarred and swollen face. At this point, the damage done by her self-surgeries have become irreparable. Even Hang’s own parents couldn’t recognize her when they first saw what happened to her.

I cannot stress this enough— research is your best friend before doing anything about your appearance.

Moisturize Your Skin

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Have you ever been around someone that has had really flaky skin or dandruff? Maybe you are that person! Either way, people don’t like getting dead skin from someone else on their hands (or anywhere for that matter). There is a solution to this, even though you may think it sounds a little girly.

Try moisturizing your skin a couple of times each week. You can use a lotion, or even go all out and use a skin peeling mask. This will help to get all of the flakes and dead skin away from areas where it’s the worst. Switching to a dandruff shampoo will also help, and the ones they make now don’t smell nearly as bad as they did in the past. Follow all of these tips and you’ll be looking sharp and feeling sharp. That added confidence boost will rub off on people, making you even more attractive. There’s another bonus!

Bye, Bye Straps!

Bye-Bye-StrapsNormally, I wouldn’t mind having bra straps that are peeking out if I’m just running a few errands around the neighborhood. However, there’s always a time and place for my bra straps to say hello to someone. As ladies, we all have that one favorite bra that we can’t just throw away, even if the straps are becoming tpp loose. We insist on wearing it during those special nights because that bra tends to make our chests look better. Let’s face it; strapless bras can betray you by suddenly cooperating with gravity or by turning around by themselves.

The solution for those loose straps? Attach a tiny button clasp to a small piece of cloth, and sew it inside the straps of your clothes (in order to keep your bra straps in place). Trust me, it’s worth the effort and saves you from constantly pulling your straps back up.

Katherine Heigl

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Katherine-HeiglI haven’t seen much of Katherine Heigl recently. I think the last time I saw her was when she was in that movie with Patrick Dempsey. Katherine looks so glowing and illuminated when she has make up on. Her cheekbones appear whenever she’s smiling, which is actually one of the reasons why I think contouring is so amazing.

It doesn’t seem like Katherine’s stressing out about laying low in Hollywood, where people depend on fame to live. She seems to be living a peaceful life right now, away from show business. Is it because she’s a really difficult person to work with? We’re not sure, but she must have got along with her make up artist on “Grey’s Anatomy”, because she always looked so good back then. Some more lipstick might be able to help her get on the good side of Hollywood once more.

Lower Your Standards

By no means should you put a blindfold on, spin around in a circle with your finger pointed and try to pick up the first girl you land on. What you should realize, is that you aren’t going to get Jessica Alba on the first try. Picking up a beautiful woman requires a lot of practice with talking and social interaction in general.

If you shoot for the 10’s, you’re just going to be disappointed. 10’s only date 10’s, which is showcased in Hollywood (not the movies, but the actual relationships with actors and actresses). Go with what you know, follow your gut and you will be fine. If you need any more advice, well we have plenty of it for you.

Don’t Swear Like A Sailor

Going back to the part about being more feminine, it’s simply a matter of not acting like a dude. The guy that you like has enough friends that drop f-bombs and other swear words that would make a nun faint. He doesn’t want a woman in his life to start acting the same way.

It’s fine for a woman to throw a few expletives into her speech, but men prefer that it’s more sparse in everyday conversation. Swearing is also a sign of speaking before thinking, which may plant a mental seed in a guy’s head that you are going to cause a lot of arguments down the road. Nobody is attracted to arguing, just usually what happens after arguing.

Keep Pictures Of Healthy Food On Your Fridge

It’s close to midnight, and you have evil lurking in your stomach. You want something to eat, but you don’t know what. So you head to the fridge and just grab the best tasting thing you can. That shouldn’t be the way to go about it. Instead, keep a picture of something healthy like an apple or other fruit on your fridge’s door.

How does this help? Even before the fridge door opens, it reminds you that you are supposed to be eating healthy. That sudden “oh yeah” moment gives you a lot of clarity and leans your wayward hand toward the light yogurt instead of the soda and cookies. You can also plaster a picture of yourself at your heaviest weight on the fridge for extra motivation if you feel the need.