Kristen Stewart

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Kristen-StewartKristen Stewart is only 24 years old but she has been acting in movies for more than half of her life. She started out in the 2002 film “Panic Room” with Jodie Foster. Since then, Stewart has starred in the “Twilight” series as well as “Snow White and the Huntsman”. While some might criticize her for not showing a wide range of emotions in her roles, she has done just fine for herself.

Stewart has also done well in maintaining her figure by eating light meals and regularly hitting the gym. Horseback riding is a great way to stay in shape and she says it is one of her greatest loves. Stewart claims she has a natural skinny look, but it still takes work to maintain it.

Cameron Diaz

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Cameron-DiazJust like Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz is also in her 40’s but does not look her age. Diaz started out in acting around the same time as Lopez when she appeared opposite Jim Carrey in “The Mask”. Her look turned heads, and soon, Diaz was offered roles in many different movies. She still stars in feature films today

Throughout the years, one way that Diaz has been able to stay relevant in films is due to her great work ethic in the gym. Diaz eats a very clean diet that doesn’t include any of the junk food that a lot of us have trouble avoiding. Diaz has even released a book to show people how to get the same body that she has. It’s a wonder that it’s not the best-selling book of the last decade because a lot of people would kill to look like her.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer-LopezJennifer Lopez has had a very long and interesting career where she started out as a backup dancer. Lopez then went into acting with her first major role in the 1997 film “Selena”. Ever since, Lopez has been a household name in both acting and music, netting her a total of $400 million.

What might shock some is that Lopez is 45 years old and has two children. Lopez uses her own body as a weight for exercise, swearing by squats and lunges without using huge barbells and weight plates. It has certainly worked for her.


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RihannaRihanna has been around for over 10 years in the music industry, so it might be hard for some to believe that she’s only 27 years old. Rihanna got into the good graces of Jay-Z’s record label, and throughout her career, she has recorded multiple number one hits, which has made her extremely wealthy.

With wealth, it can be tempting to sit back and take it easy, but Rihanna continues to hit the gym as hard as she hits the music studio. Rihanna has been rumored to have a personal trainer on her payroll that is available at all hours of the day. That means if she wakes up at 3:00 in the morning and wants someone to coach her through a workout, they will be available. Rihanna’s tenacity will ensure that she stays around for quite some time.

Jessica Alba

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Jessica-AlbaJessica Alba hasn’t had the greatest acting career in the history of Hollywood, but she has been noted as one of the most beautiful actresses of the last 20 years. Alba has had several starring roles that have required her to be at the top of her fitness game, like in the movies “Sin City” and “Into the Blue”. Even after having two children, Alba appears to be one of the fittest celebs out there. She looks just as good as she did when she first got into acting, which is quite the accomplishment

Alba is a workout addict that enjoys long runs and yoga. There aren’t many awards in her trophy case for acting, but Alba will always be relevant as long as she looks the way she does now.

Kate Middleton

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Kate-MiddletonKate Middleton was first introduced to the public when she entered into a relationship with Prince William. The two separated, but reunited and eventually married. With their marriage, Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge and is known for her amazing figure and smile.

Middleton is currently pregnant with her second child but has managed to stay in great shape thanks to her routine. Middleton sticks to cardio such as fast walking and running. Middleton also adds yoga sessions to keep the look that she has become so well known for. She also makes sure to stick to the healthier meals that often include fruits and vegetables.

Katy Perry

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Katy-PerryKaty Perry is currently one of the most popular singers in the world. Perry made a lot of headlines this month with her interesting halftime show at the Super Bowl XLIX. She rode an enormous metal lion and made people in shark suits famous. After more than half a decade of creating hit after hit, Perry has cemented her status as an A-list singer.

Perry is like the rest of us in the fact that she doesn’t like to do the traditional gym workouts. Instead, Perry sticks to a low calorie and high vitamin diet, and enjoys long walks and bicycling. It’s important to stay in shape when your concerts require a lot of energy, and Perry has certainly maintained a great level of fitness.

Bent-Over Row

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Bent-Over-RowThe bent-over row might not look like the most appealing exercise if you are doing it in public, but you will get the results that you need. Once again, you are going to need weights for this (5 or 10 pound weights are fine). Keep your feet in alignment with your shoulders and slightly bend your knees, but not your back.

While slightly bent, make sure to keep your back perfectly straight and your upper body at a 45 degree angle. Take the weights in each hand and bend your elbows so that the weights are next to your ribs. By doing this slowly and in control of the weight, you will feel a much deeper burn than if you try to do it too fast. Once again, do this exercise 15 times in a row.

Triceps Extensions

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Tricep-ExtensionsFive pound weights are not too hard to come by and are usually pretty cheap. There are two ways you can do triceps extensions, the first way is done lying on your back. While lying down, keep your knees bent so that they are above your body. Next, take the weights and place them next to your head; then, raise them above your chest while maintaining alignment with your shoulders.

If you don’t want to lie down, you can stand up to do triceps extensions as well. Stand straight up and place the weights behind your head. Then, slowly lift them above your head until your arms are straightened. Either way, do this 15 times in a row. If your elbow is clicking and popping, try to lower the weight until you get the hang of it.


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Push-upsPush-ups are one of the oldest exercises known to mankind. You don’t have to be a push-up champion to do push-ups. Many people start out with their knees on the ground to build strength. With your knees off (or even on) the ground, place your hands at shoulder alignment and then come down to the ground slowly.

For maximum results, make sure that you come down almost all the way to the ground. Many people do not go all the way to the ground, which is why they won’t see great results. Do your push-ups the same amount of time that you do your triceps dips and you should see your strength increase to the point of being able to do push-ups the proper way.