Photoshop Magic: 11 Celeb Photos That Weren’t So Glamorous Before They Were Air Brushed


For nearly 100 years, airbrushing has been used in the field of photography. Dating back to the days of the Soviet Union under the rule of Josef Stalin, the popularity of airbrushing has increased dramatically and is now used on a daily basis: digital images and computers with Photoshop make altering images in real time easier than ever, and ironically nobody uses it more than the fashion industry.

There has been immense backlash against publications featuring models because some say digitally altering a model’s physical appearance creates a false image of what is physically achievable (I don’t know what they mean, just look how many Brad Pitts are walking around); while there is certainly some merit to that, it hasn’t stopped magazines and websites worldwide from generating interest by featuring airbrushed models.

Some celebrities have been drastically altered without the risk of going under the knife, thanks to incredibly talented digital editors. But which celebrities have undergone the most incredible transformations? Here are the top 11 celeb photos that weren’t so glamorous before being airbrushed!


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